Eeyore's Requiem

Campari, Bianco Vermouth, Cynar, Gin, Fernet Branca, Orange peel, Orange bitters
1 12ozCampari
12ozGin, Tanqueray (or use more Campari)
1ozBianco Vermouth, Dolin
14ozFernet Branca (scant)
1dsOrange bitters (50% Fee / 50% Regans')
3twstOrange peel (expressed, one as garnish)
Stirred, garnished with heavy orange oil and a pigtail twist.
Originally with 2oz Campari and no gin. Revised in the second edition of Beta Cocktails.
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Created byToby Maloney, The Violet Hour, Chicago, IL
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
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Dan on 02/12/2011


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Delicious. Bitter and refreshing. The Campari/Cynar/vermouth is the center of the drink: the Campari is definitely in control, but the Cynar adds interesting herbal/honeyed/savory accents; the blanc vermouth lightens it all up and adds wine, vanilla, and orange notes. Subtle mint from the Fernet and botanical complexity from the Tanq. Some unexpected leather notes on the way down. The orange oil upfront is worth the three twists. I made this half-sized and upon my first sip immediately wished I'd made more.

From other users

Fabulous. Quite bitter, without any acid to soften it. Fernet adds complexity and depth without obvious menthol. A great drink, even for the Fernet hater. A touch sweet; split with dry? (5 stars)

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