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A spurious libation for your consideration

Navy Grog

Posted by nick . Created by Donn Beach
One of the Tiki classics with grapefruit, honey, and plenty of rum.
34ozLime juice
34ozGrapefruit juice (white)
34ozSoda water
12ozHoney (or 1 ounce honey mix)
1ozLight rum
1ozDark rum
1ozDemerara Rum
Shake and strain into a double old-fashioned glass with an ice cone encased straw.
The dark rum should be Jamaican: Myer's, Coruba, or Appleton 12. Straining onto the rocks would be a good alternative to an ice cone. An ice cone is made by packing shaved ice into a pilsner glass, poking a chopstick through for the hole, and freezing. I add the soda water after shaking.