Swagger Rite

it's a lot of crazy ingredients that came together really nicely!
1 12ozAƱejo rum, El Dorado 12
34ozAmaro, Meletti
12ozTuaca (or Navan or Licor 43)
12ozFernet Branca
14ozVirgin Islands Rum, Cruzan Blackstrap
14ozRoot liqueur
1twstOrange peel
Stir all ingredients but orange twist over ice and strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with orange twist
I was trying to use the ROOT liqueur so that it wouldn't just sit on my shelf like a number of my liqueurs. It's very hard to use because it seems to overwhelm everything.
Cocktail summary
Created & posted byButters on 05/03/2011
Jordan Gray aka Pb n Foie aka Butters
AuthenticityOriginal creation

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