French 75

Sparkling white wine, Gin, Lemon juice, Simple syrup, Lemon zest
2ozGin (or cognac)
1ozLemon juice
1ozSimple syrup
3ozSparkling white wine (Brut, chilled)
1twstLemon zest
Shake all but wine, strain into ice-filled highball glass, top with chilled wine.
Also very good with cognac. Said to have the power of a 75mm howitzer.
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Created byHarry MacElhone, Harry's New York Bar, Paris.
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
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Dan on 11/12/2010
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Christopher James at the Ryland Inn in Jersey makes a version with Art in the Age's SAGE:

1.5 oz SAGE
0.75 oz lemon juice
0.75 oz 2:1 simple syrup
2.0 oz brut champagne
Toasted rosemary garnish

Served in a Champagne flute.

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Interesting. Among my friends, I call the Cognac version a French French 75. I made these for a friend's 50's birthday party, which was catered. Big hit. It is one of those cocktails that appeals to a wide variety of imbibers.

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I've always been told that if it's gin, it's an English 75, and that Cognac is the way to go here.

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I prefer this with cognac. It is a very good, classic cocktail. The Elderflower version (French 77) is a nice variation, particularly if you haven't been overexposed to St Germain.

For brunch survival purposes I go with 1 oz gin instead of 2. Also I go more toward cava or prosecco. I haven't taken up Todd Maul's suggestion that this apéro requires cognac rather than gin - with the lemon/bubbly combo I'd think that gin would be a no-brainer.

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The standard, but boring. (4 stars)
These can really sneak up on you. (3 stars)
Delicous, festive cocktail. A great cocktail that appeals to a wide variety of drinkers, from wine lovers to craft cocktail geeks. Add more simple syrup and it serves as a good alternative to so-called girlie drinks. (5 stars)

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