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Tequila, Cynar, Fino sherry, Orange bitters
1ozTequila (anejo)
12ozFino sherry (pale dry)
5dsOrange bitters, Regans' orange bitters (as a rinse)
Stir with ice, roll bitters in chilled snifter, strain into snifter, garnish. Extra-wide orange twist, Stir, Straight Up, Snifter
Challenging. Quite bitter. I drank it on the rocks, and it mellowed nicely. Otherwise would need to cook some. Might benefit from more sherry.
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Created byThe Art of the Bar by Jeff Hollinger and Rob Schwartz
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Dan on 06/06/2010


tried this with Australian amontillado sherry (no orange peel). found I needed a touch more tequila and it was helped by a few drops of lemon juice. I'm thinking I'll try a hair less Cynar. Nice.

From other users

Made with Calle 23 blanco, not anejo. Very good. Bitter and, with that blanco, very peppery-- might be worth trying with some Abano. (4 stars)
A challenging drink to linger over. (4 stars)

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