Ash Tray Heart

Jamaican rum, Dry vermouth, Sweet vermouth, Mezcal, Grapefruit peel
Stir, strain, straight up, rinsed coupe, express peel and discard
Looking to make a Scotch cocktail and too lazy to fetch a bottle from the basement, Erik combined Smith & Cross with Mezcal.
Cocktail summary
Created byErik Ellestad, Savoy Stomp
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
Reference and Beta Cocktail (white edition) which adds the peel
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Dan on 06/27/2012


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I just confirmed with Erik that this one should be Ashtray Heart and not Ash Tray Heart.

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@drunklab - Maybe sub Laphroaig or similar for mezcal?

DrunkLab's picture

A great idea, but my bottle of Lagavulin's at a friend's place. I'll give that a try next time if I'm still Mezcal-less.

Dan's picture

This is wrong one at least two levels. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Lagavulin should be either in your cabinet or in your glass.

DrunkLab's picture

How right you are. To atone, I will down at least two Glencairn glasses when I get it back.

DrunkLab's picture

Made this this evening without the rinse (I'm lacking Mezcal at the moment, sadly). Wow. I think I may have a new favorite way to drink Smith and Cross.

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Robin like it only without the Mezcal (4 stars)

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