A Moment of Silence

Rye, Apricot liqueur, Bitters, Amaro, Apple brandy, Campari, Orange peel
1 12ozRye
1ozApricot liqueur, Marie Brizard
12ozAmaro, Averna
12ozBitters, Angostura
14ozApple brandy, Lairds
1twstOrange peel (as garnish)
Rinse a rocks glass with Campari. Stir and strain over fresh ice into rinsed glass and garnish with an orange twist.
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Created byBeta Cocktails
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
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Dan on 06/06/2010

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Belongs in the category of Vieux Carre and Conference. Balanced, but perhaps a little too sweet only in the most delicate of "too." (4 stars)
One of the best modern drinks I have ever had. (5 stars)
Odd. Liked this previously but last time found it way too sweet. Added lemon, which didn't help. (2 stars)

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