Fenway Sling

A Boston variant of a S'pore Sling
1 12ozGold rum, Ragged Mountain (Use any Barbados-style rum you like. Using Brugal gold might please Big Papi.)
34ozCherry shrub (Homemade, and red for the Sox)
1dsBitters, Bittermens Burlesque (Change up to other fruit- or spice-based bitters ad lib. or per pitcher sign)
1splSeltzer water
Build over ice in highball, toss into mixing glass and back to combine, top with seltzer, give brief stir.
Varies from Baker's canonical Singapore Sling by using tart cherry shrub instead of cherry cordial and lime, though a lime wedge squeezed and pitched in like Lester would be a nice addition. Named for my 'hood in Boston, and appropriately red.
Swizzled in state of deep thirst à la minute 7/5/11.
Cocktail summary
Created & posted byRob Marais on 07/05/2011
Rob Marais
AuthenticityOriginal creation
ReferenceBaker's Singapore Sling from this site

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