Black Negroni

1 12 oz Gin
1 12 oz Averna
1 12 oz Campari
2 ds Bitters, Angostura
2 ds Orange bitters, Regans' orange bitters
Stir, strain into a coupe or over one large rock.
KC user BritInNoCal posted a similar variation, substituting Averna for the Negroni's sweet vermouth, on the KC Negroni page a day before Liu posted this blog update. Liu named his version for the Black Manhattan. Black Boulevardiers, Contessas, etc will probably work as well. A Black Nolita is probably excellent.
Similar cocktails
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Agreed... I shrunk it down to

Agreed... I shrunk it down to 1 oz each when I made it.

I agree that it's not as magical as a true Negroni, but then few things are.

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This is fine, but the Averna

This is fine, but the Averna doesn't add nearly as much to the drink as the vermouth usually does. Its subtler notes get hidden behind the Campari so that mostly it just reinforces the bitterness.

I've got nice result with

I've got nice result with equal parts of 120 proof gin, Campari and Averna (with Bitter Truth Orange and Aromatic bitters). It seems not as sweet as with standard proof gin and Angostura/Regan's. Maybe it helps...