Apples lying in the grass in fall...
Shake over ice, serve straight up.
The Polish drink their Zubrowka with apple juice, I just made that into a classic sipping cocktail.
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Created & posted byfamico on 10/01/2011
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I bought some ZU brand Zubrowka on a whim, then was disappointed when most of the recipes using it called for some really exotic or time-consuming ingredients I didn't have.

This drink, though, is delightfully simple, and tastes great - the exotic flavour of the bison grass (or whatever substitute the FDA allows) really came through. I will make this again - it justified the purchase of this bottle.

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This is a nice cocktail. The tropical flavors of the Bison Grass Vodka (I used Zu) melds with the apple of the Calvados. I found it a touch sweet, so I might scale back the simple syrup next time. I added a couple of dashes of Boker's Bitters, which added bitterness and depth. I'm wondering if something like Zucca might have a place in a variation of this cocktail.

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