The Hallelujah

A palate-twister from the isthmus of Panama
1ozCognac (Babylonian Grape Brandy)
1cIce (Ice of the crest of Mount Sinai (crushed))
4drLime juice (Lemon from the Desert of Sin)
1 12ozSweet vermouth (Gomorrah and Sodom Vermouth)
12ozAñejo rum (Rum aged in Noah's Ark (rye can also be used))
12ozGrenadine (Add Cain's Syrup from the Garden of Eden)
You then give it a Hebrew shake and pop a cherry on top. Say Hallelujah after drinking.
Bilgay apparently sent out postcards listing the ingredients as shown above....many thousands went out, and a million dollar lawsuit was instituted.
Cocktail summary
Created byOriginated by Max Bilgray, of Colon, Pananma around 1929 and dedicated to Aimee Semple McPherson (a controversial evangelist of the era) as a result of an alleged visit to his Bilgray's Tropic Bar and Cabaret.
ReferenceThe Gentleman's Companion, Charles H. Baker (1939)
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