Tessmanian Devil

Gin, Strega, Bitters, Lemon juice, Aromatized wine, Cayenne pepper, Hot sauce, Chili pepper
34ozGin, Beefeater
34ozLillet Blanc
34ozLemon juice
1dsHot sauce, Tabasco
1dsCayenne pepper
1dsBitters, Bitter Truth Creole
1sliChili pepper (red, as garnish)
Shake, double-strain, straight up, chilled cocktail glass, garnish.
Be careful with the Tabasco and cayenne pepper. Don't make it too spicy, just give it a little spicy aftertaste. - Tess Posthumus.
Adapted to US measurements (20 ml changed to 3/4 oz each)
Cocktail summary
Created byTess Posthumus, Door 74, Amsterdam, Netherlands
AuthenticityAltered recipe
Referencehttp://www.ardentspirits.com/ardentspirits_old/Cocktails/101bestnewcockt... Gaz Regan, Ardent Spirits
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Dan on 05/13/2011

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