Smoking Cap

Gin, Falernum, Ruby Port, Gunpowder Rum, Orange bitters
1ozRuby Port
23ozGin (Lighthouse, Hawthorn Edition)
2tGunpowder Rum, Smoke 'n Oakum's
2tFalernum (Preferably home-made)
1dsOrange bitters
Pour into smoke in a suitable vessel. Agitate to mix, strain, big rock.
The Hawthorn Lounge uses a Smoking Gun ( to get smoke into a bottle. You might struggle without one! Hawthorn Edition Lighthouse is a navy-strength (57%) version of 'normal' Lighthouse. Sub with something big.
One of a series of steampunk-inspired cocktails created at the Official Wellington Steampunk Bar.
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Created byGiancarlo Jesus, The Hawthorn Lounge, Wellington, New Zealand
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
Posted bylesliec on 02/13/2014
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Smoking Cap
Smoking Cap

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