Sweet vermouth, Campari, Gin, Orange peel
1ozSweet vermouth
1twstOrange peel (as garnish)
Stir, strain, rocks, lowball. Garnish with orange twist or flamed orange peel.
Variants: Double Fisted Negroni - North Shore Mighty Gin, Carpano Antica, lemon twist. Gran Classico Negroni - Broker's Gin, Gran Classico, Punt e Mes. Negroni Special - Ransom Old Tom Gin, Carpano Antica, orange twist. Perfect Negroni - split vermouth into half dry and half sweet, add 3 dashes orange bitters and 3 dashes Angostura, garnish with orange twist or flamed orange peel.
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Created byCount Camillo Negroni, Caffè Casoni, Florence, Italy. Disputed.
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Dan on 06/06/2010
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Tried a variation tonight, which worked for me; using Averna in place of sweet vermouth.

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Shortly after you posted this, Kevin Liu posted his own similar variation, the Black Negroni:

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Kindred Cocktails has accumulated a huge number of nearly-identical Negroni variations. We plan to consolidate these, adding comments for various variations.

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I'd really like people's thoughts here - we have 14 things called a Negroni in the database, and fully half of them are calls for the gin and Sweet vermouth. Some are not Negronis at all (those that sub Sherry, sub Aperol for Campari, have Cynar or other things in them). Are there any variants people are particularly attached to that should not be collapsed?



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I think that is going to be a tough call- many of these variations/derivatives are delicious, but they are completely different drinks, despite their names. Even substitutions that seem more minor, such as Gran Classico for Campari, create entirely different drinks- and that is even more true for the Cynar/Sherry/Rum etc. substitutions. I'm not a fan of clutter, but I think it makes the most sense to only collapse the more minor tweaks, such as the Perfect Negroni.

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My thoughts are as follows: Collapse all the "call" Negronis into the base cocktail, so "Special", "Perfect", Gran Classico, and the "Double Fisted", with notes in the comments explaining the variants. Keep the 4:2:1 Cornwall Negroni, the 6:4:3 Katie Loeb Negroni, and the White Negroni (with the Fatty Cue variant in notes), but figure out something to do with the East Indian, Negroni d'Or and Negroni that Wasn't. There might need to be a category for all the Aperol variants as well.



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If I was on a deserted island with one drink available, this would be it. I also love a number of variations of this drink, but the original, with the classic 1:1:1 proportions, is my favorite (thought I like it best over crushed ice with a lime wedge)

If you would say you normally don't like campari and/or sweet vermouth (like me) then double the gin quantity. Makes it stronger too! Just don't change the proportion of vermouth to campari.

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I would say it's an impressive achievement to like a Negroni in any form if you don't like Campari and Sweet Vermouth! If it's the sweetness that you don't like, you can try a Perfect Negroni, splitting the vermouth 50:50 between sweet and dry.

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Your post on ChowHound inspired my last night to try 1 oz Gin, 1 oz Carpano Antica, 1/2 oz Sloe Gin, 1/2 oz Campari. I thought it was good, but theCarpano Antica, dominated. Next I'm going to 1 oz Gin and 2/3 oz each of the other 3. Thanks for the great idea!

Glad to hear it! I've been trying to track down Carpano Antica in Wisconsin. Might try a Lillet version in the meantime.

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If you can find Punt e Mes, the same people will have Carpano Antica, but a lot of the times, distributors just don't know they have it.

The blogger at has passed along the idea of making a Negroni Swizzle by adding a pinch of salt and an ounce of club soda. (Original credit goes to Giuseppe Gonzalez at Painkiller in NY.) Can't wait to try it.

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gran classico or cynar and put e mes;half dry for a perfect negroni (5 stars)
Also good up. Sub Cynar for Campari and use Punt e mes for the vermouth and you have another excellent drink. (4 stars)
Add 3 ds orange bitters. Variations: Use Martini & Rossi Bianco sweet white vermouth Toby Maloney: half Campari/half Cynar; Carpano Antica (5 stars)

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