Heering Flip

Cherry Liqueur, Bitters, Whole egg, Salt
Dry shake, shake with ice, strain, low-ball, ice chunk, garnish 3 drops bitters
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Created byMaks Pazuniak, Beta Cocktails
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Dan on 12/17/2010


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Curated to add the pinch of salt. Thanks bza, for pointing this out.

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No problem. The original actually didn't have it, so it wasn't wrong before, just added in the finished Beta book (which in general has a healthy fascination with salted cocktails).

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So why not try something from Beta Cocktails - it's seasonally appropriate, I adore the bitters, and the raw egg's just a bonus. Made with Luxardo's Sangue Morlacco (it was either that or Maurin Quina, and I didn't want to pile on the bitterness).

So, on the obvious side, the bitters drive the drink. and the cherry is a nice counterweight and again, an obvious pair for the chocolatey bitters. Weirdly enough, it's a bit on the simple side, but well thought out. I think round 2 with this will be adding 1/4 oz of Lemon Hart 151 and a Luxardo cherry or 2 garnish (to reinforce the cherry flavor between sips).



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Good, rich. I think an ounce or two of stout might improve it. (3 stars)
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