Campari Swizzle

Chinato, Falernum, Campari, Lemon juice, Martinique Rum
34ozMartinique Rum, Rhum JM (Blanc)
34ozFalernum, Velvet Falernum
34ozChinato, Vergano Americano
34ozLemon juice
Swizzle with crushed ice in a tall thin glass until frost forms.
Josh originally created this with Carpano Antica Formula in mind, which would make a fine substitution.
Our gratitude to Andy Arrington of Fino for sharing this fabulous recipe. A top-seller during the summer months at Fino.
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Created byJosh Loving, Fino, Austin, TX
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
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Dan on 12/01/2011


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I'd forgotten about this drink until I searched for something to make that would utilize my open chinato and falernum. Still love it. I did make it as a swizzle and have changed my mind about using half the falernum- it was too tart without. My rhum jm is running low and will be hard to replace, so I played around with a second version using lemonhart demerara and lime, which I like equally well. I have a feeling smith and cross would also be good

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I've made this multiple times now (though I just serve it up), and would suggest starting with half the falernum and adding more to taste-I think half is sufficient. Also quite good with a little Luxardo maraschino instead of falernum.

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Are you using Velvet Falernum or Falernum syrup? I liked it as written with Velvet Falernum, but I believe the syrup is stronger in flavor and sweeter. I clarified the recipe to use Velvet Falernum as mentioned in the reference.

christina in tacoma's picture

I really love this. Lots going on, but the overall effect is crisp and refreshing. Thank you for posting!

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Fabulous. Bitter but accessible. All the flavors come through -- even the Vergano. Simply brilliant. (5 stars)

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