Campari Swizzle

Chinato, Falernum, Campari, Lemon juice, Martinique Rum
34ozMartinique Rum, Rhum JM (Blanc)
34ozFalernum, Velvet Falernum
34ozChinato, Vergano Americano
34ozLemon juice
Swizzle with crushed ice in a tall thin glass until frost forms.
Josh originally created this with Carpano Antica Formula in mind, which would make a fine substitution.
Our gratitude to Andy Arrington of Fino for sharing this fabulous recipe. A top-seller during the summer months at Fino.
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Created byJosh Loving, Fino, Austin, TX
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
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Dan on 12/01/2011


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I sub'd Punt e Mes 3:1 with (rather oxidized) red wine for the chinato to good effect. Sensational cocktail.

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I'd forgotten about this drink until I searched for something to make that would utilize my open chinato and falernum. Still love it. I did make it as a swizzle and have changed my mind about using half the falernum- it was too tart without. My rhum jm is running low and will be hard to replace, so I played around with a second version using lemonhart demerara and lime, which I like equally well. I have a feeling smith and cross would also be good

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I've made this multiple times now (though I just serve it up), and would suggest starting with half the falernum and adding more to taste-I think half is sufficient. Also quite good with a little Luxardo maraschino instead of falernum.

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Are you using Velvet Falernum or Falernum syrup? I liked it as written with Velvet Falernum, but I believe the syrup is stronger in flavor and sweeter. I clarified the recipe to use Velvet Falernum as mentioned in the reference.

christina in tacoma's picture

I really love this. Lots going on, but the overall effect is crisp and refreshing. Thank you for posting!

From other users

Made it with Carpano Antica. Yum. (5 stars)
Fabulous. Bitter but accessible. All the flavors come through -- even the Vergano. Simply brilliant. (5 stars)

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