The Soothsayer

Bourbon, Allspice Dram, Maple syrup, Meyer lemon juice, Sage, Nutmeg
2ozBourbon (Four Roses or Basil Hayden'€™s)
14ozAllspice Dram, St. Elizabeth
12ozMaple syrup (2/3 maple syrup diluted by 1/3 warm water, shaken)
12ozMeyer lemon juice
1pnNutmeg (grated nutmeg/clove mix - optional)
Muddle sage leaves with firm pressure for 30 seconds. Add bourbon, dram, maple syrup water, Meyer lemon and grated clove/nutmeg. Shake over ice vigorously for 20 seconds. Fine strain up into a rocks glass. Garnish with clove and nutmeg dusting and float a fresh sage leaf on top. Let the healing begin.
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Created byShari Stein
Posted byadmseattle on 11/24/2011

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