The Man Comes Around

Cynar, Brandy, Mezcal, Fernet Branca, Bitters, Mint
1 12ozCynar
12ozMezcal, Sombra
12ozBrandy, Torres 5 Year Old (or other Spanish brandy)
1tFernet Branca
1dsBitters, Bittermens Xocolatl Mole
1spgMint (as garnish)
Stir, strain, rocks, garnish with a small slapped sprig of mint.
Spanish brandy is aromatic with sherry notes; if it can't be found, an oloroso sherry would be a better replacement than a Cognac.
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DrunkLab on 08/31/2013
Rafa GarcĂ­a Febles, NYC.
AuthenticityOriginal creation


Oh my. This was fantastic. I basically bought the Xocolatl bitters because I saw so many raves about this drink. I used Vida and Ferrand Ambre (did not have Spanish brandy or sherry).

My question is how many Bittermen's drops is a dash? I used the 15-18 suggested on the Kindred Bittermen's page, but that didn't correspond to the 1/4 length of the dropper that the page says.

Either way, this is great.

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Thank you! I was actually just having a discussion about what constitutes a Bittermens dash with KC's own Stew. Bittermens' Avery Glasser says 6 drops = a dash.

Interesting. I wonder why it said 15-18 drops = a dash here.

Fantastic drink, Rafa. Lovely bitter-dominant style. I'd recommend giving the mint a slap before putting it in as garnish; I wasn't really aware it was there until right at the end (presumably after it had been beaten up a bit by the ice).

Why the name? Is it 'comes round' as in 'visits', or as in 'wakes up after a few too many cocktails'?

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Thank you so much for trying it!

Re: the garnish, I almost always slap my mint (not as dirty as it sounds) before inserting it in the drink (ditto). I should probably make a note of it in the instructions, though, instead of assuming that all KC users would do the same. The mint aromas should bring out the mint/menthol of the Fernet more (you mentioned on eGullet that you didn't notice it much).

The story of the name is as follows: after enjoying a mezcal-heavy drink and a Cynar-driven one at the New York bar Pouring Ribbons, my companions and I took the subway home and were joined for several stops by two tweedy guitar-carrying dudes absolutely tearing it up with a set of Johnny Cash covers, including "The Man Comes Around," about the end of days. When I got home I combined the two drinks I'd had, added Spanish brandy, and adjusted the ratios slightly, and decided the resulting drink was black and bitter enough to be worthy of a name by the Man in Black.

Glad you enjoyed it!, and thanks again.


From other users

Made with Vida and cognac. Quite interesting, each flavor has its turn. The wind takes a turn and blows the campfire smoke in your face after every sip! (4 stars)
Very good. Made with Vida and Cognac (4 stars)
Dark chocolate, deep bitterness, smoke, savoriness, mint, long finish. Well-liked on eGullet. (5 stars)

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