The Art of Choke

For the herbaceous palate, Cynar and Charteuse fans unite!
1 14ozCynar
1ozRum, Flor de CaƱa (4yr or other white rum)
14ozGreen Chartreuse (Fat quarter)
18ozRich demerara syrup 21
18ozLime juice
1dsBitters, Angostura
2spgMint (one as garnish)
Combine liquids in mixing glass, add mint and gently muddle. Let sit 1 min. Stir, then strain into rocks glass over large ice. Garnish with a mint sprig.
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Sasquatch on 12/14/2010
Kyle Davidson, The Violet Hour, Chicago
AuthenticityOriginal creation


Made this with Depaz Agricole before I learned not all rums are interchangeable and had to pour it down the sink.
2 months later I made it with Wray and Nephew and it was lovely.

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The cocktail "Reckless Abandom" was merged into "The Art of Choke." While they were created by entirely different people, they have nearly the same ingredients and have the same overall idea.

Reckless Abandon was created by Justin James Noel, Empire Rooftop Lounge & Contemporary Cocktails Inc., NYC and was posted by user endless_optimism. Reference:

It contained
1oz Rhum Agricole (Clement Premier Canne)
1oz Cynar
1/4 oz Lime juice
1/4 oz Rich demerara syrup
1/4oz Green Chartreuse
1spg mint as garnish

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This cocktail is so similar to the Art of Choke that I wonder if we need both. I tried it with Clement VSOP and like it, but found it too sweet as written. I have not tried Clement Premier Canne, but I wonder if an agricole with more hogo, like Rhum JM might give it added character.

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I think it would make sense to merge them with the quantity differences given as options, and a couple rum suggestions with notes on the different flavors they would contribute. In any case, that would help a rum newbie like myself. I need to check out this Rhum JM I keep seeing noted around here...

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I like this. I made it side by side with the Art of Choke since they look pretty similar and I wanted to compare. I prefer this rum choice ( I did sub Clement VSOP since I don't have- and have not tried- the Canne), and the slightly larger quantity of lime and syrup balances the bitterness of the Cynar more to my taste.

From other users

A touch too much sweetness for me, but not egregiously. Like the minty element and could maybe do with some extra help in that area (add more fresh mint, or add fernet branca or creme de menthe). Bitterness is just right. (4 stars)
Original recipe calls for 1 oz of Cynar. Minty, bitter, and quite delightful, although the rum is completely lost under the rest. (4 stars)
Very good. Bitter. Slow drinking. Added 1/2 tsp Menta Branca to simulate the missing mint. Good (but not as good as when made with fresh mint). Doesn't need the syrup. (5 stars)

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