Jimmie Roosevelt

"Cooling, refreshing, invigorating, a delight to the eye and palate"
Fill a big 16 oz thin crystal goblet with finely cracked ice. In the diametrical center of the frosty mass add a lump of sugar well saturated with Angostura, then add cognac, then fill the glass with chilled champagne, finally floating the chartreuse on top. Please refrain from garnishing!
Named after Colonel Jimmie Roosevelt of the civil aeronautics commission.
Cocktail summary
Created byCharles H. Baker (1920's or 30's)
ReferenceThe Gentleman's Companion, vol. 2 by Charles H Baker, Jr.
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rwilde on 02/24/2012

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Wow, unfortunately used the last teaspoon of Chartreuse. Second half of drink will need to wait for another day. (4 stars)

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