Rye, Sweet vermouth, Bitters, Herbal liqueur
Stir, strain, cocktail glass.
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Created byMichael McIlroy, Milk & Honey, NY, NY
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christina in tacoma on 10/02/2011


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I don't have Yellow Chartreuse so I made it with Green. Does that make it an Extra Greenpoint? Also subbed VYA sweet for the Punt e Mes which strangely unavailable in PA. Anyway, I'm enjoying the heck out of this.

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I'm capturing this version for posterity before moderating the recipe to a more authentic version:

Previous version:
2oz Rye
1/2oz Punt e Mes
1/2oz Yellow Chartreuse
1d Angostura
1d Orange bitters
1tw lemon peel

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Merged a duplicate from user hoarsefly which had 2 oz Bourbon, 1oz Punt e Mes, 1tsp Pastis, and 1d Angostura. "I subbed Belle Meade Bourbon for the original Rye, and Herbsaint for the original yellow Chartreuse."

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So there's a few variations of this one floating around, which makes sense, as it's arguably the second most popular and widespread of the contemporary riffs on the Brooklyn Cocktail, after the Red Hook. The one in Sam Ross' Bartender's Choice app, the closest thing to an official Milk & Honey recipe book, is nearly identical to this one, except that it calls for regular sweet vermouth and two dashes of Ango rather than one. The one in Saveur, which the magazine seems to have gotten from McIlroy himself, calls for a full ounce of Punt e Mes and only a teaspoon of yellow Chartreuse, with a dash of Angostura and no orange bitters ( These are all worthwhile variations, and it's hard to determine which one's the "correct" or original recipe. One thing that's sure, however, is that the drink's name should be spelled Greenpoint, after the Brooklyn neighborhood it's named for. :-)

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Accidental double post, so let me just say that this is a great drink. :-)

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