Final Answer

Another variation on the Final Ward and Dernier Mot
1 12ozWhite whiskey, Death's Door
1ozMaraschino Liqueur, Luxardo
1ozGreen Chartreuse
1ozLemon juice
Shake, strain, straight up, cocktail glass. No garnish
A variation following the advice in the article on changing the proportions of the base spirit to other ingredients. You can cut back on the maraschino for a different balance.
Cocktail summary
AuthenticityAltered recipe
Posted byLUH5147 on 11/12/2012


Excellent cocktail! I was looking for something to mix with white whiskey, which to me has extreme grass/floral/fruit notes...and doesn't, IMHO, work with traditional mahattan/old fashioned type recipes. I knew (in my taste-mind) that Green Chartreuse would be one of the ingredients, and lo and behold, here it is. Following the suggestions in "Notes", I cut the amounts of the sweet and sour components (lemon, chartreuse and maraschino) to 1/2 oz apiece...and added a garnish of a sticky and genuine Maraschino cherry to the bottom of the cocktail glass (I used a small round bottom up glass for service) for a bit more sweetness. It was remark upon first tasting was "now THIS is a great cocktail recipe!"

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