Dark 'n Stormy

Dark rum, Ginger beer, Lime
2ozDark rum, Gosling's Black Seal
3ozGinger beer
1wdgLime (squeeze and drop)
Build, rocks, highball, squeeze lime and drop into glass.
Dark 'n' Stormy® is a registered trademark of Goslings Export Limited.
People have enjoyed dark rum and ginger beer for hundreds of years, but in 1988, Gosling's Rum trademarked a name for the combination, and it caught on. Gosling's recommends only 1.5oz of rum and 4-5oz of ginger beer, presumably for sobriety / legal reasons. If made with another brand of rum, KC user inuakena points out that the drink should properly be called a Rum Mule to avoid infringing Gosling's trademark.
Cocktail summary
Created by19th Century inhabitants of the Caribbean
AuthenticityAltered recipe
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Dan on 11/12/2010
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Dark 'n' Stormy
Dark 'n' Stormy

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Using Cruzan Blackstrap, I liked Goslings GB a lot, 4 oz of Maine Root GB was also good, 3 oz Reeds GB got the bronze and needed some extra lime. (4 stars)

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