California Widow

34 oz Gin, St. George Terroir
34 oz Pear eau de vie, St. George
34 oz Elderflower liqueur, St. Germain
12 oz Green Chartreuse
14 oz Bénédictine
2 ds Bitters (take your pick: orange, Peychaud's, cinnamon, aromatic, falernum, etc)
Stir, strain, up, lemon twist.
California Widow is old slang for a woman whose husband is always away.
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  • sweet chartreuse heavy — ☆☆
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Awesome, Rafa... The

Awesome, Rafa... The Chartreuse is present, but so subtle here (not an easy task)... I chose Scrappy's Orange for the bitters (since I just got the bottle today). Can't wait to try it with other varieties.

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Also, this may be the fastest

Also, this may be the fastest I've made a drink after being posted here... Couldn't have been more than an hour or 2... ;)

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Ha. That might be a site

Ha. That might be a site record.

Thanks for trying it! Re: Chartreuse, it took me months to balance the three liqueurs.

Quite tasty, though quite

Quite tasty, though quite sweet. Lovely balance of flavors. Dialing back on any of the liqueurs would ruin the balance of flavors, and that makes me wish there was an elderflower eau de vie on the market to keep that balance with a drier cocktail.

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Thank you for trying it. I

Thank you for trying it. I also wish there were elderflower eaux de vie available here; I know some are made and sold in France. (And Mad Men leads me to believe that they were available at some point in the states; at least, doddering eccentric Bert Cooper puts in a request for "spirit of elderflower" that's met with blank stares.) St. Germain actually has a eau de vie base, but I imagine that without the added acidity and sugar of a liqueur, the flavor of elderflower can seem pretty ethereal and subtle.

If you can get them, I recommend Cocktail Kingdom's wormwood bitters for drying out liqueur-heavy drinks. They give a lovely complementary complexity without adding too much flavor of their own.

I remember that scene from

I remember that scene from Mad Men. That was hilarious.

I'll see about the wormwood bitters. Despite a general preference for a slightly drier cocktail than this one, I've still managed to come back to this one multiple times. It's that good! Nice work.

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I was excited to try this, as

I was excited to try this, as I like St Germain with both pear and herbal liqueurs. Very good, though I admit my unsophisticated palette wanted some acidity to balance the liqueurs so I ended up adding 1/2 oz lemon juice.

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DrunkLab's picture

Nothing unsophisticated at

Nothing unsophisticated at all about that! I made this to showcase the interplay of pear/Benny/green Chartreuse/elderflower, with the effect that it does tend to be on the sweet side. Your solution's a good one, and I made a similar choice with a sour:

There are other ways to balance the sugar here that are probably worth trying: verjus, citric acid, more bitters, increasing the gin, etc. Or it could be made at half size and drunk quickly.

Tried this tonight given all

Tried this tonight given all the recent comments. Delicious blend of diverse flavors. Will be ideal for the fall.