Cocktails recently posted by user

  • Fernet About It
    Bourbon, Fernet Branca, Lime juice, Ginger beer, Simple syrup, Mint
  • Paloma (South Of The Border)
    Blanco tequila, Elderflower liqueur, Grapefruit juice, Lime juice
  • La Strada
    Grappa, Amaro, Peychaud's Bitters, Sour cherry syrup, Lemon peel
  • The Leaf Puller
    Bitters, Demerara Rum, Orange juice, Orgeat
  • Pink Cougar
    Citrus vodka, Limoncello, Triple sec, Lemon juice, Cranberry juice, Grenadine
  • The Bicycle Thief
    Añejo rum, Amaro, Campari, Blood Orange Juice
  • Autumn Leaves Under Winter Snow
    Vodka, Pear Vodka, Strega, Black peppercorns, Simple syrup, Ginger, Pear
  • Another Fine Mes
    Rye, Tequila, Sweet vermouth, Triple sec, Bitters, Orange bitters, Maple syrup, Orange peel
  • Kellyanne
    Pear Vodka, Vanilla vodka, Pear liqueur, Dry vermouth, Apple cider, Pear, Cinnamon
  • Venetian
    Gin, Dry vermouth, Campari, Amaretto, Lemon zest
  • Black Dahlia
    Citrus vodka, Coffee liqueur, Raspberry liqueur
  • Zanadu
    Gin, Dry vermouth, Campari, Elderflower liqueur, Honey syrup
  • L'x-tradu
    Vodka, Dry vermouth, Crème de Fraise, Triple sec, Grapefruit juice, Orange bitters
  • Barbary Flip
    Cachaça, Pineapple vodka, Bénédictine, Egg white, Lime juice
  • The Fogcutter
    Puerto Rican Rum, Brandy, Gin, Lemon juice, Orange juice, Cream Sherry, Orgeat
  • Seventh Heaven
    Gin, Maraschino Liqueur, Grapefruit juice
  • The Algonquin
    Rye, Dry vermouth, Pineapple juice, Orange bitters