Chambord (also called Chambord Liqueur Royale de France) is a liqueur made from raspberries and blackberries in a spirit base that has additional flavors of herbs and vanilla. It is named for the Chateau Chambord in the Loire Valley, and is based from a recipe dating back to the 17th century that was drunk by Louis XIV on his visit to the chateau.

The production of Chambord is a three step process. In the first, fruit is macerated in neutral spirits for four weeks. After this infusion, the spirit is drawn off and a second addition of spirit washes the fruit and extracts a different set of flavors. After a few more weeks, the fruit is pressed to extract sugars, flavor, and the alcohol. Next, the berry infused alcohol is blended with raspberry extracts, herbs, vanilla, and Cognac. Finally, a master blender verifies the flavor profile and makes necessary changes. 

Chambord is a vibrant raspberry reddish-purple color and clear. It is fairly sweet, and 33 proof. It smells and tastes like wild rasberries, with accents of honey and herbs. 

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