Apple juice

Apple juice is the liquid made from pressing fresh apples. Apple juice is typically gold in color and sweetly aromatic, with low acidity. It is usually filtered and pasteurized for shipping. 

Apple juice is popular mulled -- heated with spices and sugar as a warming winter drink. Apple juice can also be fermented into hard cider, which then can be distilled into apple brandy

Some popular cocktails containing Apple juice

  • Treacle — Dark rum, Bitters, Apple juice, Simple syrup
  • Mott and Mulberry — Amaro Abano, Rye, Apple juice, Lemon juice, Demerara syrup, Apple
  • Polleno — Fino sherry, Apple juice, Egg white, Apple puree, Simple syrup
  • St. Crispin — Calvados, Demerara Rum, Bitters, Orange bitters, Apple juice, Honey syrup
  • Cointreau Teese — Triple sec, Crème de Violette, Apple juice, Lemon juice