Frequently Asked Questions - My account and profile

Click "Request new password" from the home page at

Your profile contains:

  • An overview, containing:
    • Links to create RSS feeds for your recent cocktails, or recent cocktails added by any users.
    • A list of users you are following, and the option to stop.
    • Your newsletter subscription
    • Your history (length that you've been a member, number of cocktails added and in your cocktail book).
  • Your Account information:
    • Password
    • E-mail address
    • Picture
    • Permission to let other users contact you
    • Location / time zone
  • Cocktail settings
    • "Friend's" name for second-person's ratings
    • Preference for metric units
    • Preference to let other's see your Cocktail Book comments
    • Preference to accept cocktail suggestions from other users
    • Preference to receive comments about your cocktails by e-mail

Other users can see your user name, picture, and the personal information that you've shared (if any). They cannot see your e-mail address. They can also see how long you've been a member, how many cocktails you've added and are in your cocktail book, and the cocktails that you've posted.

They may also follow you so that they receive an e-mail when you enter a new cocktail.

To upload your photo:

  • Click "My profile" from the menu.
  • Click the Edit link.
  • Part way down there is a Picture section.
  • Click Browse and select an image file, then upload it. Be patient.