I found a cocktail, but it's wrong, has an error, or isn't appropriate. What can I do?

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If you entered the cocktail, then you can simply fix the problem. Everyone will appreciate it. If it is a substantial change, feel free to add a comment to the cocktail (under the "Link/dislike" heading below the cocktail, click "Comment").

If you didn't enter the cocktail, a moderator will need to look at it and correct it.

  1. Visit the cocktail's detail page.
  2. Below the cocktail under the "Like/dislike" header, click "Request moderation". Type a description of exactly what you think is wrong, and quick Request moderation.
    A cocktail moderator will examine the cocktail.

Requesting moderation is a key to keeping the shared Kindred Cocktail database in good condition, without duplicate recipes, errors, and junk cocktails.