How can I compose a cocktail menu out of some of the cocktails in my Cocktail Book?

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There are three ways to choose which cocktails in your Cocktail Book should be used in your cocktail menu:

  1. Every cocktail in your Cocktail book. This is useful only when you have a small Cocktail Book.
  2. All cocktails that you've marked as "on menu." You can do this when you edit your cocktail book entry, or you can do it in bulk (see Goodies/Mark cocktails).
  3. If you have recently found cocktails from your Cocktail Book using the Cocktails filter page, you can use these cocktails for your menu.

To compose a menu:

  1. From the Goodies menu, choose Menu.
  2. Click your choice of which cocktails to use (1-3 above).
  3. Click "Cocktail Menu". Kindred Cocktails displays the recipe names and ingredient list for each cocktail.
  4. Optionally, click the Print link above the menu to have Kindred Cocktail reformat the menu in a printer-friendly way.