Frequently Asked Questions - About Kindred Cocktails

Kindred Cocktails is a shared database of cocktail recipes. After you sign up, you can build a Cocktail Book composed of your own recipes and/or those that others have shared. Casual users may search for and use recipes without creating an account.

With Kindred Cocktails, the recipes are yours, not someone else's. You can enter new cocktail. You can rate, categorize, and take notes on cocktails. And, Kindred Cocktails focuses on craft and high-quality cocktails.

If you share our love of craft cocktails and you ...

  • are exploring the craft cocktail world and are looking for high-quality cocktail recipes,
  • are a cocktail enthusiast with an existing collection of cocktails, or
  • are a cocktail professional looking for inspiration and a strong organizational tool ...

Kindred Cocktails makes collecting and using recipes a joy.

Yes. At some point there may be a premium account with advanced features, but a basic account will remain free.

Sponsors and advertisers pay to place their advertisements before you. Because Kindred Cocktails knows what the ingredients are, it can do a good job of placing advertisements that are likely to be interesting. In the future, there may be some paid premium services for user and retailers.