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    The pear flavor in this cocktail is intense; the st. germain and eau de vie definitely amplify each other. The rye is very much in the background. I used clear creek pear brandy and rittenhouse rye. If I were to try again I'd halve the st. germain and eau de vie and maybe try adding a little punt e mes if the drink seemed incomplete.

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    I made this with Becherovka for cinnamon syrup and Licor 43 for vanilla syrup. I doubled the Becherovka to help the cinnamon come through. It was a nice tiki cocktail, although using St Elizabeth Alspice Dram, I felt the allspice dominated. I'd cut it by at least half.

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    Not an amaretto fan, and this drink did nothing to change that. It is, however, a very nice Martini variant without the amaretto. I don't understand the appeal of the almond cookie flavor of amaretto with the bright citrus of Campari. I would think that Cynar would be a bit more harmonious. Made with Luxardo amaretto and Dolin dry.

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    Glad you liked it. I'm sure it would be good with a little Angostura spice. I'll have to try it!

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    The recipe sounded interesting, but I didn't have the specific ingredients on hand, so I used Jim Beam Rye, Stock Dry Vermouth, home made ginger syrup and Angostura bitters. A wonderful cocktail! It would be interesting to compare this variation with the original.

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    I have read that the original recipe calls for 2oz gin 3/4oz lemon 1/2oz triple 1/2 oz Campari. Taste exactly like fresh squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice

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    i like your style

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    A solid negroni variant. I used 1 3/4 gin, 3/4 elderflower and 1/2 oz campari, orange twist. Light and refreshing. I used Beefeater to help balance the sweet components. 3 1/2 stars.

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    That's not bragging. This is bragging. I have a backup bottle ;)

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    OK, this is just bragging. Send me your unicum or face my wrath.

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    I'm pretty pleased with myself that I had the ingredients to make this. For Toriani Amer, I sub'd 2/3 Bittermen's Amere Nouvelle and 1/3 homemade Amer Boudreau. My Boudreau is quite strong and I think pure Nouvelle would get lost. I used Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas bitters. I have to say that this is a very enjoyable cocktail to drink, if not to mix. The Sibilla is not nearly as dominant as I would expect, even in such a healthy proportion. And, as Zachary notes, the caramel of the Demerara rum is really at the forefront of the sip.

    The suggestion on Facebook to add a tsp of Pimento Dram would further cement it in the tiki world, but I wonder about losing some of the more subtle flavors like the pineapple juice. Maybe for a second go-around. This is a heady drink.

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    Made this again tonight - I'm actually quite happy with it. It definitely checks the Tiki boxes for me - boozy yet doesn't taste like it, lots of ingredients building harmonious flavors, exotic, punchy aroma. It's interesting how equal parts whomping Amaro and high test rum achieve balance with a mere 5/8 oz sweetness, and that there's very little in this drink that doesn't contain alcohol, and it's still in balance.

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    Wow, this is good. I used cocchi instead of lillet since it was open. I bought a bottle of scotch so I could try this since I love maurin quina; I got black bottle, a cheapie blend as I wasn't sure I'd like smoky whiskey, but it turns out I'm a fan.

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    I'm thinking about dropping a barspoon of Allspice Dram into it next time, just to see if the added sweetness helps. It's definitely an Amarophile drink.



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    ... cowering in fear.

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    This was good, but seemed not quite balanced. It started out almost salty on the palate. I added a little lime and a bit of club and liked that a little better. Also, I made this with Bombay Sapphire East and I wonder if I should have chosen a gin with a different flavor profile. Not sure the peppery-lemongrass worked in this.

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    I didn't expect to love this cocktail as much as I do, since I'm not always a fan of genever (I have the bols barrel-aged). Now, I think I'll keep it around just so I can make this. All of the ingredients merge well and I like the balance, though the maraschino might be a bit dominant for some. The cardamom adds a lot of flavor, so don't skip the garnish. My apple brandy is clear creek.

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    Moderated this somewhat. Moved Reposado (tequila) from notes to the ingredient. The average orange has 2 ounces of juice, so I changed the "1/4 orange" entry to 1/2 ounce (1.5 cl) orange juice, which we assume is always fresh.

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    This is more of a dessert cocktail, but it is spicy, herbal, and minty and I like it. I can't really taste the batavia arrack behind the liqueurs; the branca menta and nux alpina dominate but I like them both and think they work quite well together.

  • Reply to: Twentieth Century Cocktail (Meletti)   by   4 years 5 months ago

    I've never had creme de cacao but I really love this version with meletti- lots of chocolate flavor without a lot of sweetness. Such a great idea, thank you!

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    Sam Ross's (of Little Branch, NYC) Paper Plane serves as a template for a fertile class of delightful bitter cocktails. With equal parts spirit, bright amaro, dark amaro, and sour, it's also perfect for the Mixology Monday monthly [-ish] on-line cocktail lovefest. September, 2012 marks the re-launch of MxMo, hosted by Fred Yarm of the highly-recommended Cocktail Virgin Slut blog. The theme? Equal Parts. Convenient, no?

    Avioncito means "little airplane" — or paper airplane — in Spanish. With tequila for bourbon, Cynar for Aperol, Zucca for Amaro Nonino, and lime juice for lemon, the little plane shares no ingredients with its ancestor. Tequila and somewhat darker flavors shift the balance from summer to fall, so start sipping now.

    I've also made this with Campari for Cynar, with equally good results. I retained the Cynar because its earthy flavors complement the reposado Tequila ... and also to distance the drink from the wonderful-on-its-own inspiration.

    Zucca is a rabarbaro -- an amaro made from rhubarb, and in this case, the roots of Chinese rhubarb. It's a bit harder to find that Campari and Cynar, but its woodsy character is unmistakable in the cocktail. If unavailable, substitute another brown amaro, such as Ramazzotti, Averna, or (even better) Lucano. Different, but also great.

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    I wanted to try this because the gran classico and apricot liqueur pairing sounded like such a good idea. This is an awesome negroni variant. Gran classico is one of my favorite spirits, and I think it really shines with the cocchi instead of sweet vermouth. The apricot is present, but not overwhelming as I usually find it. Definitely recommended for negroni fans.

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    Thanks Dan, that helped!

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    Oops. My "bland" comment should be in my personal comments, and I've moved it there. Still, I'm not in love with this cocktail.

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    I cleaned up this recipe a bit, both to fit our style guidelines and to ease the Swedish-to-English translation. Thanks!