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    SO good. 5/5.

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    I have to say that this is a wonderful cocktail. It is plenty interesting, even for the jaded Fernet-chugging cocktail geek. Yet it's fairly accessible for those just getting starting to explore amaro-based cocktails. I bumped up the Cynar to 3/4oz and backed the simple down to 3/8oz, which was a nice balance for my taste. Where the bitter grapefruit flavor comes from, I do not know.

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    I fixed the spelling of the Chartreuse, which might be the reason it wasn't coming up in the database search.



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    I just made this and it's fabulous. I can't believe I actually had all these ingredients in my bar.

    It's so thick and creamy without having any actual cream - it's a great cocktail for a lactose intolerant person wanting an alternative to eggnog.

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    Hey Zach -

    Nope, just a simple infusion. So easy to make I've never actually tried an off the shelf version of cucumber vodka.

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    I changed "vinegar" to "ginger shrub". I believe the poster intends to use 1/4oz of ginger shrub made with cider vinegar.

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    Two Hell's Bells recipes were merges, differing only in that this one has a dash of absinthe.

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    I added sherry vinegar for this recipe

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    If you'd rather have the vinegar be correct (Sherry Vinegar, Blis IX), I can do that. Do you have a ratio and instructions for the blackberry infusion? I'll add it to the notes.



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    thanks for your help.
    its just a foam that add another layer and texture to what the stout brings. this is a heavy and strong (10%abv) beer.
    chicory bitters recipe will follow shortly.

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    Is the Sobieski cucumber an infusion, or is this something new from them?



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    Curated this: Moved instructions for making the infused rye to the notes section, changed the type of beer to Ale (instead of Stout - New Holland calls their beer an Ale). Removed shaking instructions from the egg white entry. Changed bitters from House made to Homemade. Do you have a recipe you'd like to share for them? 

    Do you shake the egg white and rye just for the foam it creates, or is the rye added to the drink? 

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    Hi David,

    Thank you for posting this cocktail. I cleaned things up a bit - First, let me invite you to read the Style Guidelines, which are very helpful if you're learning how to input cocktails into the database correctly.

    I did the following: removed "fresh squeezed" from the pineapple juice - we assume all juices are fresh. It makes the cocktail much easier for people to read if each ingredient is on one line, so I moved the instructions for the oleo-saccharum from the cocktail itself into the notes section. I made Cointreau a brand of Triple Sec instead of Curaçao. I removed most of the note from the white balsamic, which included the Old World Olive Press website. Finally, I cleaned up the instructions for making the drink. 



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    I love Fernet and have had a fair amount of experience with it, and I still feel halving it for this drink is probably a good idea. Really good as it is, though.

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    Definitely use Bittermans The Bitter Truth Xocolatl Mole bitters. I know I put it under the chocolate bitters category but I did attempt with Fee Brothers Chocolate bitters and while still good, the chocolate was too pronounced. The mole bitters are far more complex and really round out the flavors.

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    Cleaned this up a bit, changing Orangerie and the bitters to their correct brands.

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    Hi Shannon,

    Can you give us recipes for the Chai infusion and the ginger shrub? It would help people make your cocktail.

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    A new winter dessert drink favorite! I like this one even better than the one in the PDT book with blackstrap rum. Has more peppy interesting stuff going on, but still eminently satisfying. Yum.

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    The proportions are right - the Savoy calls for 1 wineglass (=2 oz) "Mixed" vermouth and 1 pony (=1 oz) rye whiskey, along with 2 dashes of Maraschino (or curacao) and 3 dashes Angostura. Jerry Thomas omits the "Mixed" from the vermouth (weirdly enough, it doesn't specify sweet or dry), and calls for "bitters".

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    This may have originated in Thomas Stuart's "Stuart's Fancy Drinks and How to Mix Them" from 1904. His Liberal is 1/3 each Pecon Bitters (sic), 1/3 whiskey, and 1/3 Italian (sweet) vermouth, with 3-4 dashes of absinthe.

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    Curated this. I found an attribution (see the link), which may be the first in print citation of a Martinez being gin and dry vermouth. For the purists, the recipe cites 1/4 gill ea of Old Tom and French vermouth, which is a small cocktail. Reverted recipe to the original, added creator and source information.

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    And merged the T Martinez into this, with the recipe in the notes as well. I appreciate everyone's understanding in trying to take 6 different Martinez recipes down to 3.

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    I merged the Martinez Special into the Martinez.. The original eG post is here. Though it wasn't called the Special by Andy Arrington (who made it), it made its way here. The recipe is preserved in the notes section, but with correct attribution on the bitters.

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    Curated this: Reverted it to the Jerry Thomas recipe, fixed attribution. Moved the Regan adaptation to the notes. This must have been *really* sweet back in the day, but Thomas suggests that "if the guest prefers it very sweet, add two dashes of gum syrup".

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    I merged this with the Martinez #2, and reverted it to the original proportions, as per the PDT book.