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    Curated quite a bit. So... this is Degroff's adaptation of the 19th century Adonis cocktail. As you can see, the adaptation is wildlyy different from the original. Degroff specifically calls for 1 oz Vya dry and 1/2 oz generic dry vermouth, and a flamed orange peel. His version is shaken, where the original is stirred. Updated notes to show original version, history, and provided a link to the Degroff book on Amazon to show the cocktail. 



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    Curated slightly - changed Basil, Thai to Thai Basil as an ingredient. Due to how things that need articles are generated, "Thai" was on my list of things, which is a bit difficult.

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    I finally opened my Vergano Americano so I could make this. Sadly, all I taste is rum and cointreau, which is a shame because the Chinato itself is delicious. Much wiser to make the Campari Swizzle (thank you Dan!), or just mix it with some gin and maybe a bit of lime.

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    So why not try something from Beta Cocktails - it's seasonally appropriate, I adore the bitters, and the raw egg's just a bonus. Made with Luxardo's Sangue Morlacco (it was either that or Maurin Quina, and I didn't want to pile on the bitterness).

    So, on the obvious side, the bitters drive the drink. and the cherry is a nice counterweight and again, an obvious pair for the chocolatey bitters. Weirdly enough, it's a bit on the simple side, but well thought out. I think round 2 with this will be adding 1/4 oz of Lemon Hart 151 and a Luxardo cherry or 2 garnish (to reinforce the cherry flavor between sips).



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    The muddled lemon ought to give the 1/4 oz lemon juice a bit of lift, I'd think.


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    Sandy, I've heard of that, but don't have access to it. I really want to try the Ted Breaux "Perique", which again.... heard of, don't know if it exists. 

    The article about tobacco references that AoD article, which is a great summation of the what people know about tobacco infusions. 



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    Well, I'm from Canada. But like I said, give it a try with St. Germaine and cut the Fernet to taste. I first made it with St. Germaine. I liked it better with Chase and it's cheaper, that's all.

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    Give it a try. I love Fernet Branca and this was one of my favorite drinks on my last visit to Dram.

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    You're absolutely right, zach. You need proper guidance when experimenting with tobacco infusions. Snake oil makes a great tobacco bitters that is approved as food grade. Also extracting the flavor by actually distilling your own spirit is safe. Here is a great article I read that you might appreciate:

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    Thank you very much. I have to admit that it was inspired by the even better Shiver. The Shiver, however, required Clear Creek Eau de Vie of Douglas Fir, which is both hard to find and quite expensive (about $50/375ml, or $133/liter). Bask is easy to make and Kirschwasser is readily available and more likely to be in one's liquor cabinet that just about any other equ de vie, I think. It is full of bright sunshine.

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    Curated - reverted recipe to original Savoy ingredients (including vagueness on the part of the Sherry, and Groseille syrup instead of Creme de Cassis). Improved attribution as per the Savoy book.

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    Made this tonight for Repeal Day, and I'm wondering where it's been all my life. I subbed St. James Hors d'Age for the Barbancourt. Weirdly enough, the Ango Orange drives this cocktail - it's got a strong bitter orange peel/vitamin aroma and flavor, but considering all the bitter in this, it is only mildly so. This is really delicious stuff. 



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    Real good, Dan.

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    Curated name from "Perfect Old Fashioned" because of the well-established conflicting meaning of the word Perfect in cocktail titles. This recipe is similar to how Old Fashioned were made in my youth. I also reordered the ingredient to help them be consistent with the Kindred Cocktails style.

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    Renamed from "Perfect Manhattan" because the word "perfect" has a long-standing tradition of meaning using a 50:50 mixture of sweet and dry vermouth in lieu of all one or the other.

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    Curated slightly to reflect the Beta Cocktails recipe, which calls for "1 oz Demerara 151 rum".

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    Try adding 1 oz of Mango Puree and a splash of Ginger Liqueur or muddle with a little fresh ginger for a delicious twist.

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    Curated to correct recipe and attribution as per

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    Curated: Moved Bacon fat infused from ingredient to processing. Folded in the former cocktail "Bacon Fat Infused Bourbon" into the notes section to give instructions. Changed Navan to a brand of vanilla liqueur.

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    Curated slightly to remove confusion - the BroVo is a rose geranium liqueur, not one that's rose and geranium.

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    Curated slightly to move Unfiltered from the ingredient to the note section.

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    Curated slightly - we assume you're using fresh ingredients and not concentrates, pre-made mixes, or other ingredients of dubious provenance. Changed Fresh Lime Juice to Lime Juice.

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    One of the best drinks EVER.

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    Curated to fix Peychaud's Bitters and Yellow Chartreuse.

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    The link is under the reference section of the cocktail - it's a Wikibooks page that cites the original, then the 1972 update (which removed the J. Wray, added St. James Amber, and unspecified the brands of Curacao, simple, and orgeat).