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  • Reply to: Corpse Defiler #666   by   6 months 3 weeks ago

    This is a nice drink, and it deserves a nicer name!

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    Although I forgot the absinthe rinse, I really enjoyed this drink. I used Senior's white Curacao, which I like, and Old Overholt Rye, which I don't like as much as Bulleit's.  But I would say that this drink is my favorite of the 4 or 5 similar recipes I tried out over the weekend (Fernetaboutit, Corpse Defiler 666, Bitter Apricot, Death is not the End).

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    This is a nice drink.  Over the weekend, I made a Fernetaboutit, Death is not the End, Corpse Defiler 666, Bitter Apricot, and a You Only Live Twice.  I was looking for ways to use Bonal Gentiane Quina, at first.  This drink is a good digestif, I will surely make it again.

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    Based on the recipe, I made one of these with Liber's Pineapple Gum Syrup, rather than the pineapple juice discussed in several of the comments.  I thought I was a very nice after-dinner drink, with the Fernet herbals winning out over the Chartreuse.

  • Reply to: The Sanny   by   7 months 7 hours ago

    A little too sweet. 

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    Got it. As an aside, this is why it's so important to properly cite the creator, year and location a drink was first made. Imagine if people took good notes back pre-Prohibition. We'd know a lot more about cocktails today than we do.  Thanks,  Zachary

  • Reply to: Gypsy Eyes   by   7 months 2 days ago

    This drink is by Jessica Gonzalez.

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    Just made a glass of this.  Delicious.  Despite a large amount of non-alcoholic ingredients, it never feels diluted or washed out, and the rum shines through very nicely.

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    I like this but it needs a catchier name.  Maybe something cricket based.  There's already a Leg Before Wicket, what about the Spin Bowler?

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    Good drink! I added another .5oz rum and cut the syrup down to .5oz. Great drink!


  • Reply to: Cointreau Palomita   by   7 months 1 week ago

    Curated this per a curation request: Added soda and grapefruit twist, as per the cited link. Thanks,  Zachary.

  • Reply to: The Carrauntouhill   by   7 months 1 week ago

    I'd leave the cream out: I shook the hell out of it, but the froth dissipated when I added the rest. Maybe some atholl brose instead of the cream?

  • Reply to: Sazerac   by   7 months 2 weeks ago

    Rather splendid tonight with Garvey's Esplendido Spanish brandy. Dial back the simple a little.

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    FWIW the Death & Co. book has this as 1/4 oz. agave nectar instead of 1/2 oz. agave syrup, and no garnish.

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    Now there's a nabe that doesn't deserve a Brooklyn riff. 

    (Cf. Williamsburg. May that stretch of transplanted Times Square never have a drink to call its own.)

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    I tried this with Benedictine, instead of Maraschino, as suggested by Rafa. It's fantastic, if a touch sweet. Another great use of Benedictine (so far I know of only two: this and the Vieux Carre).


  • Reply to: Tribe of the Horned Heart   by   7 months 2 weeks ago

    Finally, yes, something worthy of the vanilla superfine sugar I made a while back (figuring it's easy to turn it into a syrup in a moment). This is one of those things that is so good that you just kinda giggle at first sip. I think I made my syrup a bit on the saturated side, but whatever: those little flecks of vanilla bean floating on top are so lovely.

    Also, maybe I'm boneheaded not to realize this sooner, but pouring over the soda holds the froth from shaking very well. I won't forget that trick. Thanks!

  • Reply to: Black Lodge   by   7 months 2 weeks ago

    This is very good. I think this will be a go to drink this fall. 

    For a variation I subbed a coffee liqueur I made for the Cynar. Kind of a Twin Peaks mash-up with the Dale Cooper. Not bad.

  • Reply to: Dale Cooper   by   7 months 2 weeks ago

    Tasty. I like to drop the maraschino and use a full 1/2 oz of Heering. But that's just me.

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    Curated this: removed extraneous information from the notes. Capitalized the name of the drink. Thanks,  Zachary

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    As fruity as Ozeki is, I'm sure the use of an unflavored sake in place of what's essentially a sake-based yuzu liqueur changes the flavor of the drink quite a bit. Glad you enjoyed it regardless.

  • Reply to: Hattori Hanzo   by   7 months 3 weeks ago

    Although the closest I could come was St Cllement Rhum Agricole and Ozeki Dry, I thought this was a nice drink (I do have Senior Curaçao and Cocchi.) I also used Key limes, perhaps 1/2 oz would have sufficed.

  • Reply to: Mojito   by   7 months 3 weeks ago

    Muddle 3-4 ripe raspberries along with standard ingredients for a nice summertime variation.

  • Reply to: Perfect Storm   by   7 months 3 weeks ago

    Quite good. Made a second as a slight variation, swapping rye for bourbon, Wigle Landlocked Spiced (a spiced rum made with honey instead of sugar) for the honey syrup + pimiento dram, and orange for lemon.

  • Reply to: The Crafty and Elusive Elk   by   7 months 3 weeks ago

    I didn't have mezcal on hand so substituted Ardbeg Uigaedail to see what would happen. Can confirm that this is also delicious with single malt scotch.