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  • Reply to: Las Meninas   by   4 months 4 days ago

    Great painting.  Great drink.  So what are we gonna do when the Abbott's runs out.?

  • Reply to: Trident   by   4 months 4 days ago

    This link:  uses Linie, Lustau's Amontillado and Cynar - dry sherry covers a really wide range of flavors!  Thanks,  Zachary

  • Reply to: Las Meninas   by   4 months 6 days ago

    Great name!

  • Reply to: Rapscallion   by   4 months 1 week ago

    Made with Laphroaig 10 year old and Delgado Zuleta's Monteagudo PX. Wonderful! 

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    Made with Buffalo Trace: sweet and spicy, very good

  • Reply to: Hartwood Cocktail   by   4 months 2 weeks ago

    Interesting, unexpected, balanced. 

  • Reply to: Boulevardier (Cure version)   by   4 months 2 weeks ago

    I was skeptical, but this is really good, the Campari, Punt e Mes and Rittenhouse work well together. Dark berry notes, with some strong bitter finish.

  • Reply to: Davy Jones' Locker   by   4 months 2 weeks ago

    A new tiki classic! I tried a touch of tiki bitters second go, and it's a great addition.

  • Reply to: El Presidente   by   4 months 2 weeks ago

    Tried 2 oz Barbancourt blanc, 1 oz Dolin blanc, 1 tsp Curaçao, 1 tsp Grenadine, 2 ds orange bitters. Judgement reserved...

  • Reply to: Sister Wife   by   4 months 2 weeks ago

    Well-balanced! 5 star.

  • Reply to: Ask Again Later   by   4 months 2 weeks ago

    Jim Beam Black  is aged 8 years. But it's a bourbon, so if you want to stay with a tequila, you'll have to continue looking around. I'm sure there's one out there with the ever increasing brands of añejo tequila hitting the market. And there's always Google, too, to aide your search! Good luck in your quest.

  • Reply to: Suzette   by   4 months 2 weeks ago

    Because of  the comment made by one person that the given recipe was only a "passable Negroni," that lacked depth, I decided to see if I could come up with changes that would overcome the flaw(s) as he/she saw them.

    1.  First, I changed gins, from Bombay Saphire to Liberator Gin, made by Valentine Co. in Detroit (an excellent gin, I might add.) Liberator gin is lighter in taste than Bombay Saphire.
    2. Next, I changed the vermouth to Cocchi Vermouth de Torino (which is less sweet and somewhat earthy in flavor--but not too earthy) than the traditional red sweet vermouth.  If that is not available, I recommend Dolin Blanc.It is a white vermouth that is not as sweet as the traditional red vermouth..
    3. Finally, I used Salers (only because I didn't have Suze, but my readings suggest the two to be equivalent.)
    4. The amount of gin and Salers was not changed, but I used only 1 oz of vermouth.

    The resultant cocktail did not overwhelm Salers, and given my experience tasting Nagori varients, I was quite satisfied with the resultant cocktail, and  would rate it as 4 stars.

    I would be interested in hearing from others about the changes I made. 

  • Reply to: Black Manhattan   by   4 months 2 weeks ago

    I used Jim Beam Black, because of its smoothness and full taste from being aged 8 years. I concur cardamom bitters is a nice touch. So might black walnut bitters or Fee Bros. Whiskey Barrel-Aged Bitters. Regardless, I prefer  an orange twist as opposed to orange bitters.I rate this change as 4 stars.

  • Reply to: Southpaw   by   4 months 2 weeks ago

    It's delicious, but I want more! Maybe bump to 1.5 bourbon and .75 Punt and Campari. Fernet could probably handle another bsp with those quantities.

  • Reply to: Southpaw   by   4 months 3 weeks ago

    This drink has it all. Strength, bitter, menthol, dry, complexity. What a great drink.

  • Reply to: The Hint of Spring   by   4 months 3 weeks ago

    Curated this. Removed picture and rewrote instructions o avoid copyright infringement. Added blackberries as per cited link. Added creator. Thanks,  Zachary

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    I find the El Presidente described by David Wondrich in Imbibe back in 2011 to be superior. The biggest change is the use of Dolin Blanc vermouth instead of dry vermouth. 1.5 rich white rum, 1.5 Dolin Blanc vermouth, 1 barspoon orange curacao (or Grand Marnier), 0.5 barspoon of real grenadine (not Roses!), thinly cut orange peel, Stir over cracked ice and express orange peel and drop or discard as preferred, Garnish if desired with maraschino cherry.

  • Reply to: The Wet Dream   by   4 months 3 weeks ago

    Complex, aesthetically pleasing.  Balance is good too.

  • Reply to: Boulevardier (Cure version)   by   4 months 3 weeks ago

    Really tasty, balanced bitterness, solid drink. 

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    Curated this. Rewrote instructions to avoid copyright. This seems similar to the other Beatnik we have in the database, but it's smaller and sweeter. Thanks,  Zachary

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    I also like it without seltzer. Maybe a little bit more. 

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    Made this with Smith & Cross and El Dorado 15, as that's what I have on hand at the moment. Marvelous.

  • Reply to: PPX   by   4 months 3 weeks ago

    My wife and I thank you for passing this along! 5 star.

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    Thinking this might be a touch low-proof, I tried:

    1 1/2 oz Carpano Antica
    3/8 oz Aperol
    3/8 oz Campari
    3/8 oz Maraschino
    3/4 to 1 oz lime juice
    salted rim, big rock


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    Curated this: added garnishes. Added new ingredient, Fee Brothers Molasses Bitters. As an aside, adding the "creator" and "date created" fields is helpful.  Thanks,  Zachary