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    Thanks for this, Zac.  I'm a relative newcomer to the world of American whiskeys and it's great to have a beginners' guide like this. You've even answered the question I'd begun to wonder about but hadn't got round to doing anything about: why bourbon is called bourbon.

    Thanks again.

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    It's that time again - we now have 36 variations of the Old Fashioned, and I'm going to thin them out (by hiding them) based on how many people have the drink in their cocktail book - I feel it's better than either deleting them or merging them into this drink and making a note. Just as a heads up, I'm also going to do this to the Negroni and the Martini - any new variations of these three drinks will need to come from a great bar or be so compelling it deserves to be seen by everyone.  Thanks, Zachary

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    Curated this: moved the ginger syrup instructions to the notes section - it breaks the line badly otherwise. As an aside, this seems like an unpalatable amount of lime here - even if you get an ounce of juice out of a lime, it's almost as much as the alcohol and sweetener combined.

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    There are some good flavors in it but it needs work. The lemon juice is over powering with both flavor and acidity. I can't give you a better substitution but maybe I'll work on it. 

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    Yeah I wrote it how it was in the book. Although actually it was donkey milk in the book. He does specifically call for raw milk as a substitute but i don't intend to use that. I think it's more about historical accuracy. Creme de cacao makes sense, but I'm curious about the Mexican hot chocolate thing so I'm going with that.

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    I used Sipsmith Sloe Gin and cut back the apricot liquer to 1/2 ounce.  Loved it, my friend was "not as enamored with it" but i thought it was tart, sweet and delightful!

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    I think I'd take his advice on the creme de cacao (an addition of 6 oz), but I don't know that the raw milk is necessary (or safe) in this application. 

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    Curated to correct 1 oz -> 1 dash bitters.

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    I got it from Imbibe (2nd edition), not that article, maybe I forgot to put that. Only difference I can see is the book calls for one less cup of milk (3 cups instead of 4). Oh it also didn't specify the servings. That's very useful, I'm making it for New Years Day... Thanks.


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    Good cocktail. Complex, perhaps a bit too much. There is a lot going on at once in the drink.

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    I tweaked this by using a little less than 1/4 oz of green chartreuse in place of the yellow chartreuse and enjoyed the heck out of this drink. It's definitely for those who love bitter drinks with a whisper of smoke and herbs.

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    Curated this per a curation request: Fixed the link (which was broken).

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    Tried this with 1/2 ounce of Wondermint substituted for 1/2 ounce of the rum.  Very tasty! 

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    Highly recommend the 1796 with Santa Teresa rum mentioned in the comments at the link. 

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    I curated this slightly to bring it into line with the cited link (which is Wondrich's Esquire article). 

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    Curated this slightly - added new ingredient Vanilla liqueur, Giffard. 

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    Due to a curation request, I merged two cocktails called "Gypsy" - the one with a better source citation is the one I kept.

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    Cut all volumes in half, used unflavored vodka and added 1/4 oz ginger liqueur for 3 oz pre-shake volume. 

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    Thought the Fernet might be overpowering, but it's not. A tad sweet for my taste; will reduce syrup to 1/2 next time.

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    Tasty, and despite appearing to be a winter-spiced drink, it would work wonderfully as a light summertime sour.  I subbed in my regular homemade orgeat because I'm sure it doesn't make much of a difference at 1/4 oz.  I also served it up in a chilled coupe because it really seemed like more appropriate glassware.  It's already well-diluted and is a somewhat small drink, so pouring it over ice seems like a recipe for quick over-dilution.

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    Not bad, but the Fernet is pretty strong.  There are better cider recipes out there.

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    The linked recipe adds superfine sugar or simple syrup to the muddle. I made it without and thought it very nice and balanced without the additional sweetener.

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    I curated this per the link, which has Sam Ross making the drink and explaining the ingredients. There are a lot recipes floating around the internet for this, most of which simplify the ginger part of the sweetener, or sub different Scotches, but I figure that if we have a video of the creator of the drink, that should be the canonical recipe.  Thanks,  Zachary

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    I second the comments stated by, "Fransos".

    3/8 oz. Honey Syrup

    3/8 oz Sweetened Ginger Juice

    (not 3/4 oz Ginger-Honey Syrup)

    Created, 2005

    (As per Sam's, "Bartender's Choice" App.)

    *this needs curation*

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    There was a curation request to change the volume of rum and sweet vermouth to 3/4 oz from 1/2 oz. Done. If there's a link to cite, please include it.