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    Gilded Mezcal

    I used closer to 1 ounce of fresh lemon juice and stirred with two two ice cubes before straining and serving up in a coupe. Amazingly delicious!

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    I stirred with one ice cube and garnished with a single dark cherry.

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    Curated this slightly. As per - changed Chartreuse to Yellow Chartreuse, added date, changed type to "own creation" Thanks,  Zachary.

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    I like the balance between the ingredients. I changed it from 3/4 oz of simple syrup to 1 Tbsp of sugar (a bit less) since bourbon and applejack are already pretty sweet. I also think that muddling the coriander, sugar, a dash of water, and bitters together did a better job of releasing the coriander taste, though it was more work.

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    Flavors are very reminiscent of a Negroni, but obviously derived from distinct spirits. I used silver tequila (Corralejo Blanco) since age wasn't specified, and I think it stood up well to the other ingredients. Described by my drinking partner as "refreshing", and I agree - almost dangerously smooth. Would make it again. Another tasty drink by Stew.

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    Nice use of the Amaro Nonio, plays up the orange notes. Might be nice on the rocks on a hot day. 

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    I didn't care for it, the vermouth and the mezcal don't play very well together in my opinion; leave an acrid flavor at the end. 

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    Decrease maraschino to 1/2 oz, up apricot liqueur to 3/4 oz

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    Thanks very much, it was neat to be added a second time in 2 years.  I recommend trying this with other more "traditional" aquavit as well.  Cheers!

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    I won't lie - it's bitter as hell. On purpose. :)

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    Good drink but just a tad sweet for me.  Maybe another 1/4 oz more lime juice and .75oz grapefruit juice?

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    Made this tonight with Old Grand Dad 114 because that's the highest-proof bourbon I have. Love it!

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    I just made this with añejo tequila in place of the gin as a hunch. I might like it even better than the original - good stuff!

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    I reallly like this - pushes all my bitterest buttons. Wife hated it. Can't win 'em all ...

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    Delicious cocktail. Great sidecar alternative, particularly if looking for something less cognac forward. 

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    Specified the amaro, tightened up the instructors to our style guidelines, and added the reference. Sounds good. Not too sweet?

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    Made one the other night for the first time in a while and it was even better than I remembered.  This is a truly outstanding cocktail.

    I've been making this with Niessen Agricole Blanc and think its grassy funkiness amps up the herbaceous qualities of the Art of Choke.  I've never had the Depaz so I can't say what may have set off the previous commenter.  I recently got a bottle of the Wray & Nephew and will try that the next time I make one.

    Edit: Tonight I tried one made with Wray & Nephew Overproof. Didn't really like it at all. The W&N added nothing but alcohol heat and the balance seemed lost. I felt it was necessary to be positive so in the interest of the greater good I made a second with the Niessen and it was much better!

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    Hmm...This is intriguing .  Will be trying tonight!

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    Thanks for the feedback, Dan! I'm inclined to agree with you...this does need some tweaking. We just came up with it last week.

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    For the amaro, I generally use CioCiaro. and Averna if I don't have that. :)

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    Phil Ward is a genius at making drinks, but so terrible when it comes to naming them. I do have to salute him for his love of cheesy dad puns, as here.

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    This was the first drink I ever had at Death and Co in 2008. I ordered a "cheenartown" and the waitress said "I think it's sighnartown." But we were all kids back then!

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    This is an excellent drink.  The herbal bitterness of the Bonal complements the richness and floral notes of the rums, and the dash of lemon juice lifts it.  Very nice, thanks to the creator.

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    Curated this: Added both club soda and tonic, which were in the instructions but not in the recipe. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Curated this: added bitters, clarified garnish, added creator. Thanks,  Zachary