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  • Colonel Carpano   15 weeks 2 days ago

    Yeah, I don't know why I had to ask. It was awesome with Punt e Mes. Less "chocolatey" than the original, but still outstanding.

  • Hunting Rifle   15 weeks 3 days ago

    I used ED15 because it's what I have right now, and a mix of Redbreast 12 and Tyrconnell (I'm down to the last ounce or so of Redbreast and guarding it jealously). Any ED 5 and up should do; they all have the banana note in common with the Irish (and, obviously, the liqueur).

  • Hunting Rifle   15 weeks 3 days ago

    What demarara do you use? I think I'll make this tonight.

  • Romanoff's of Beverly Hills   15 weeks 3 days ago

    Not a bad drink, I love the flavor. It is very simple, not much depth and is not very strong. Its more like drinking juice. I feel that it is missing something... I think next time I make it I'll add some cranberry juice for some bitter/sour to try and even things out. Overall, as it stands now, I would rate it a 3/5

  • Colonel Carpano   15 weeks 4 days ago

    Probably very good, though very different. Punt e Mes has a heavy gentian bitterness and very little of Antica Formula's strong vanilla.

  • Colonel Carpano   15 weeks 4 days ago

    Anyone have any thoughts on how this might be with Punt e Mes instead of Carpano Antica?

  • Traidor   16 weeks 2 hours ago

    Curated this slightly: changed the bitters from "Aged" to "Aromatic" to reflect picture and avoid confusion with their Aged Citrus bitters.



  • Bert Cooper   16 weeks 5 hours ago

    Yeah, I say "float" but most times I can't get these heavy liqueurs to stay above the rest of the drink (pouring them slowly down a barspoon helps). It's more of a "sink" I guess. Thanks for trying it!

  • Colonel Carpano   16 weeks 1 day ago

    Definitely a good one for slowly sipping and appreciating. Maybe a touch on the sweet side for my palette, so may have to adjust the Cynar and Antica formula down a touch. Flavor combination is brilliant and lends itself well to experimentation with bitters and garnish.

  • Bert Cooper   16 weeks 1 day ago

    I'm a big fan of the Aviation, and this is an interesting spin on it. Recommending doubling maraschino to 1/2 oz (that's how I take my Aviation as well).

    Couldn't get the Yvette to float, it tends to plummet to the bottom. Still works, though.

  • Bywater   16 weeks 3 days ago

    This works really well with a liqueur made from bay leaves or seeds in place of the Charteuse, if you can find (or make) one.
    Green Chartreuse may be too strong - try yellow?

  • Spruce Moose (get in smithers)   16 weeks 3 days ago

    Yes sorry I got the importer and the product switched up, that is the correct ingredient.

  • Spruce Moose (get in smithers)   16 weeks 4 days ago

    Do you mean the Zirbenz Stone Pine liqueur?



  • Arrack and a Hard Place   16 weeks 4 days ago

    Fantastic! Nice combination of flavored, very balanced. Wicked strong, sip responsibly.

  • Montresor & Fortunato   17 weeks 6 hours ago


  • Montresor & Fortunato   17 weeks 6 hours ago

    Good idea, Leslie, and a perfect project for one with the skills of a man such as yourself. May I suggest grenadine, or another bloody colorant, for your Tell-Tale Hart? Suggestions for the series: Arthur Gordon Pimm's, Morella (with kirsch or Maraschino), Kingdom by the Sea (King's Ginger, maritime Scotch).

  • Hanky Panky   17 weeks 19 hours ago

    I actually prefer this with a more "traditional" sweet vermouth--like Dolin or Martini & Rossi; Carpano has a bit to much vanilla for this drink IMO

  • Montresor & Fortunato   17 weeks 21 hours ago

    Sounds tasty, Rafa. There must be potential for a series of Poe-based drinks. The Tell-Tale (Lemon) H(e)art, perhaps?

  • Hanky Panky   17 weeks 1 day ago

    trying to figure out what the "Hanky Panky Nohow" would be. Anyway, I enjoy this drink with a little more fernet.

  • Thunder Shirt   17 weeks 3 days ago

    Good! I have this neglected bottle of Bully Boy white dog and I really didn't expect to get a good result mixing it.

  • Admiral Schley Punch   17 weeks 3 days ago

    I'd think a scant ounce of dark rum plus a bar spoon of Lemon Hart 151 would work.



  • Admiral Schley Punch   17 weeks 3 days ago

    The Cruzan is hard to substitute for; generally, I would use another dark rum (Gosling's or one of the Jamaicans will do) and perhaps add a touch of actual molasses to the drink.

    In this particular case, another dark rum will work fine, although it won't make its presence known quite as much.

  • Admiral Schley Punch   17 weeks 3 days ago

    Interested to see how the Cruzan Rum with its blackstrap molasses and the hint of coffee and dark liquorice flavours within works together with the Bourbon.
    Could you substitute the Cruzan with another Dark Rum? Would it effect the flavour?

    Anyway cant wait to make and try this on the weekend!

  • Ace of Clubs   17 weeks 4 days ago

    Hey Guys

    Thanks for the support, its much appreciated.

    Really sound advice and comments, I get where your theory.
    When I try it ill let you know!

  • Railcar #91   17 weeks 4 days ago

    Curated this a bit: removed fresh squeezed from the lemon juice - we assume that. Moved the orange foam recipe to the notes section.