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    Curated slightly for style.

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    This started out well-balanced but got quite absinthe-heavy as it went along. I suspect it's because it cooled down—it may stay balanced longer over ice.

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    Pretty tart (consider a smidge of syrup). Be generous with the peach bitters. I felt it was missing something, and a drop or three of Peychaud's on top looked and smelled great.

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    That's the problem with many vintage cocktails -- they are simply formulated too sweet for today. The quality of our spirits doesn't require as much sugar may be one factor. I would think you could easily dial the cherry back to 1/2. It might let the cognac through a bit more. I need to try this.

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    Nice flavors, but still a tad too sweet at these ratios. Bitters improve it admirably.

  • Reply to: Krakatoa, August 25th, 1883   by   1 month 1 week ago

    I was searching for something in which to use my Sibilla and found this.  Of course in the process of trying to use the Sibilla I ended up buying the Lemon Hart 151 (found a store online in NY that still had it) as well as the Allspice Dram (which I've been wanting anyway) and some Amaro Ciociaro (to sub for the Torani Amer and to make sure I've got the biggest Amaro collection in the county).

    Subbed in Appleton V/X, the aforementioned CioCiaro, Angostura for the Scrappy's and Regan's Orange for the Angostura Orange.  Didn't have any mint.

    [ramble]This is a fascinating concoction.  With its Tiki leanings it may well be better in July than January. I smell the pineapple more than taste it.  I want another one, but not now or anytime soon.  I like it a lot but as a fan of amari and classic Tiki, perhaps not as much as I anticipated.  4 out of 5 stars for now...[/ramble]

    What do I do with the other 5 1/2 oz of pineapple juice?

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    The Gonzalez is a Death & Co drink, a gin Red Hook. I just added it to the database. And fair enough.

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    What's a Gonzalez? Dunno about being a different drink. I figure Ransom is a valid Old Tom, Punt e Mes is a valid sweet vermouth, and splitting the sweet vermouth in any drink with dry just makes it perfect, no? A regular Martinez with these ratios is pretty sweet, and the lack of bitterness in a normal sweet vermouth doesn't help.

  • Reply to: White Tai ("Improved")   by   1 month 2 weeks ago

    I fixed "amond syrup milk" and "hand foods". I don't see almond extract in this recipe anymore, so I'm guessing it was fixed or re-formulated to not have it. If you enter new ingredients that Kindred Cocktails insists on "auto-correcting", it's part of its efforts to standardize what people enter. Just contact me and I'll enter the ingredients into the database manually. Cheers -Dan

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    Kindred autocorrects almond extract as well as almond milk (or "almond syrup milk" in KC lingo). It also 'corrects' Small Hand Foods to Hand Foods.

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    Curated to change "almond syrup extract" to "almond extract", which I think is what was meant, since only 1 drop is used.

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    Curated to combine with nearly identical Bitter Giuseppe, which omits the salt and has 6 dashes of Regans' Orange Bitters.

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    Dan, sounds like a pretty different drink, something between a Red Hook and a Gonzalez.

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    Pretty great as a perfect cocktail with Ransom Old Tom and 50/50 Punt e Mes and dry vermouth.

  • Reply to: The Arbitrary Nature of Time   by   1 month 2 weeks ago

    Very nice. The ingredients seems like naturals on paper, and are in the glass. A touch sweet. 1/2 oz dry vermouth balances nicely.

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    Curated instructions for brevity as per our style guidelines.

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    Curated for capitalization and lack of instructions. I assume a tart grapefruit juice should be used to avoid excess sweetness. I also assumed that this should be shaken; please correct if I'm in error.

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    Curated to add attribution, edit history to avoid copyright issues, and rewrite instructions to KC style guidelines. While this cocktail is not that different from other amaro-based Manhattan variations, it seems to be widely enough known to warrant inclusion in Kindred Cocktails. Thanks for the submission.

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    Love it. Used Santa Teresa for the rum and Ramazzotti for amaro. Just what I had on hand. And that's saying something because I'm not a huge Campari fan. For my girlfriend I call this drink "Love to hate or hate to love?" because she loves Campari and amari in general but despises mezcal more than any other alcohol.

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    Rafa is right. You can no longer sweeten dry styles of Sherry (Fino, Manzanilla, Amontillado, Palo Cortado, Oloroso) and still call them by that name. Thanks, Zachary

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    @Dan any sherry that sells itself as an amontillado should, in theory, be completely dry, though there are definitely some on the market that taste like they have added sugar (which makes them actually cream sherries, I guess). I assume the honey syrup in this recipe is 1:1.

  • Reply to: The Citadel   by   1 month 2 weeks ago

    Wow. I didn't know about Brass Union, despite being (long) walking distance from me. I'll definitely try it. For this recipe, I suspect that a very dry Amontillado is called for, lest it be too sweet. 

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    Curated slightly to conform to style guidelines. Please capitalize and include garnish in ingredient list. Also, I suggest you remove any brands that aren't essential. For example, I can see that Cherry Heering is important, but wouldn't another cognac, single malt, or sweet vermouth work fine? Thanks for posting?

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    The search function is broken, does not work properly when searching for cocktails with multiple ingredients; finds all cocktails with either ingredient instead of both. Eg: searching for cocktails with gin and vermouth finds cocktails with gin and not vermouth and vice versa.

    Edit: works perfectly again, thanks.

    ADMIN NOTE: Thanks. Fixed now.

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    Interesting, that seems like a useful alteration. Now my "book" can be cocktails I like, rather than all cocktails I've rated plus all I want to try, which is how I now use it. Any chance someday there will be the ability to specify a range of ratings in the search (e.g. "2" finds cocktails that are exactly 2 stars, "3-4" finds those higher than 2 but lower than 5, etc.)? In the meantime I think "(or higher)" needs to be re-added to Your Rating on the search form. 

    ADMIN NOTE: Let's see if others want to search for ranges of stars. My feeling is that the overwhelming use case is "this rating or better". I can see that you might search for, say, 2-3 rated cocktails to improve or remove them though. On the other topic, I've deleted "stars" from curator and your rating, so that the "stars (or more)" applies to both of two ratings next to each other. This saves a bit of space that I don't really have otherwise.