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    This evening I actually tried mango puree instead of guava juice after seeing your question about subs for guava juice. I have been using Smith and Cross for the rum (as the boozenerds used for the final recipe) and I thought the mango did not tame the navy-strength rum as well as the guava juice. Maybe if I was using a lower proof rum it would have been more to my liking. 

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    Thanks to a user tip, curated this - changed MB Apry to MB white Creme de Cacao as per the Death and Co. book. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Used Sheep Dip Islay in place of Peat Monster. 5 star.

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    Absinthe can be used as rinse - in Sazerac fashion.

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    Curated this. Removed picture to avoid copyright. Moved foam recipe to the notes, clarified instructions. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Curated this: Removed picture to avoid copyright issues. Removed foam recipe to the notes section, moved creator and source citation to their proper locations. Added date. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Subbed with Carpano Antica. Wow, what a drink!!

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    Used Cocchi Americano for the sweet vermouth. The resulting cocktail was light, but tasty due to the Americano.

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    Curated from Pear liqueur (which would be sweetened) to Pear eau de vie, which is unaged clear distilled unsweetened fermented pear juice. That's what is pictured in the photo. Unfortunately, pear "brandy" is ambiguous these days because it is often used to describe pear liqueur -- and usually of awful quality. It's best to avoid the confusion and not call it brandy.

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    Curated this: Corrected creator information, source citation and year. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Curated slightly from 1 oz egg to 1 egg as per the reference.

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    The Straight Up has an utterly different recipe for a Scorched Earth: 1 oz each Mezcal, Campari, and Cynar with a dash each of maple bitters and Regan's orange bitters. 

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    Curated this slightly - rewrote instructions to avoid copyright. Thanks,  Zachary

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    I had no Green Chartreuse and made this with Benedictine instead. It was delicious.

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    Is this strained? Thanks,  Zachary

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    Goodness! For a drink with only three ingredients, this cocktail has generated a lot of comments. Well, let me add one more. I used 2 oz of a topshelf gin, 1 oz of Cocchi Americano, and 1 oz of Salers. Based on earlier comments, I had a hunch the resulting drink would be on the sweet side, which it was. So I did one simple thing that I did not see mentioned in any of the comments, but which I thought would take away some of the excess sweetness: I used a good-sized lemon twist. Sure enough, the expressed lemon juice from the twist did the trick. So, my suggestion is, regardless of how much you put in of whatever it is, finish up with a good-sized lemon twist. You'll be surprised at the positive difference it'll make in the drink.</p>

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    There are few cocktails that I rate 4.5 or 5: a Negroni or Manhattan are a few. Well, with this cocktail, I have to add one more. Truth be told, I was torn between rating White Light as 4.5 or 5.0. If I could use my own rating scale, I would rate it "Damn Good." I live in Michigan, making it impossible to get Cocchi Americano unless I order it out of state, which I did. And I'm so glad I did, because I was able to experience this cocktail. If you're in the same boat, do what I did so that you can drink this baby also. By the way, the gin I used is definitely topshelf. It is Tanqueray's Bloomsburg, which was labelled as "Limited Edition." I bought it in December, 2015 and two months later it was no longer available. If you're a gin drinker and can get this product, get it. You won't go wrong!

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    Do 1/2 of the Elderflower

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    Splash of bubbly on top...


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    I agree with the first comment, in that this drink is not outstanding. However, I used Luxardo, not Amaro Abano, so I don't know how hers/his version compared to mine. However,  I was satisfied with Luxardo, so I will make this drink occasionally in the future.

    Yes, this drink doesn't compare with a Negroni, but then, only a handful of drinks do. In short, I don't think this drink was intended to compete with a Negroni. I suspect it was developed simply as a drink to enjoy on its own.

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    Subbed averna for nardini as I don't have it. Interesting but a little too sweet for me. Like an Italian candy bar. 

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    Made with reposado for lack of anejo. Still very good. Love the texture, softness and the lingering tequila taste. 

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    I like the complexity and the bitterness but couldn't get past a few sips - the drink is too boozy (or too boozy for me). Perhaps, I would cut the gin, china-china, and absinthe portions in half.

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    Upgraded to 5 stars. I've been making this drink for wife and friends while in Hawaii, and it's a hit. Very tasty.