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    Is that 2 1/2 ounces of tea leaves or 2 1/2 ounces of brewed tea? The link is not very helpful.



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    Looks good. How's the St. George coffee liqueur?

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    Not a huge coffee cocktail guy. I played with this a bit:

    2 oz rye
    3/4 oz Campari
    3/8 oz Coffee liqueur (St George)
    3/8 oz dry vermouth
    3/8 oz Punt e Mes
    1 d mole bitters

    I liked this very much.

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    Made this tonight with Amaro Montenegro and it was delightful.

  • Reply to: Dewey D.   by   7 months 1 week ago

    Enjoyed. Don't overdo the Angostura and the orange twist is a must.

  • Reply to: Summer of Sureau   by   7 months 1 week ago

    Lacking the Boston bitters, I substituted Regan's. I found it too sweet, but improved by replacing the pineapple syrup with unsweetened juice.

  • Reply to: Eclipse   by   7 months 2 weeks ago

    This drink is sometimes made in equal parts with mezcal as the base spirit and no tequila (or rinse). I prefer it that way, but in either version it's a top shelf drink. (Source: asking at The NoMad.)

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    Refernce to another drink of the same name notes- “The Bourbon anchors the cocktail, the Amaro Diesus adds aroma and Angostura bitters gives it complexity.” But can't locate the recipe or Marie Celeste’s Carlos Madriz.

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    It looks like that's the case, though Matt says "shake the drink until it fully expands", so I'd imagine the texture and volume are significantly different than a normal drink.



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    Is this really supposed to be strained? I don't really get the 4oz drink in an empty highball.

  • Reply to: Andean Exposition   by   7 months 2 weeks ago

    Just tried this along with the Reposado version mentioned (Jalisco Expedition?). Both were very good. Great use of sloe gin. May have even slightly preferred the tequila version.

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    Made this with cucumber-infused gin and simple syrup. Very nice. I like the cherry flavors that come out of these Angostura-heavy drinks. Mistakenly served it up, which tasted great but I guess made it disappear too quickly. 5/5

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    Very good, though a bit sweet so I served it over ice, topped with a little club soda, and added a big sprig of mint and it was perfect for a summer afternoon . This is where the rest of my applejack will be used.

  • Reply to: Frosun   by   7 months 3 weeks ago

    Very fun and a conversation-starter for guests. Unsurprisingly delicious with gin. I made a version with mezcal and called it an Axolotl, after a Mexican salamander that exhibits neoteny (the property of only maturing if certain conditions are met, say if an ice cube warms enough to dilute a drink with Aperol).

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    After posting, I realized this looks like Schmidt's takeoff from his own <a href="">Easy Street</a> (with the addition of egg white being the main difference).

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    Awesome summer drink, thanks for posting. My armagnac is marie duffau, and I used a mirabelle plum brandy. Next time I'll try my clear creek slivovitz- it's heavier and funkier and I think it would work well too. Worth the hassle of having to unclog plum pulp from the strainer a couple times.

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    Great combo of flavors, but using Angostura, recommend 2 dashes. (Pucker). This should help me get through this 1.75 liters of Sailor Jerry I was gifted.

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    This was great. Close enough to a negroni to be delicious, but different enough to be a surprise.

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    Fixed, thanks for the catch.


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    This is a Don the Beachcomber original from ca. 1937, not a Jeff Berry drink as listed here. We do have Berry to thank for decoding the recipe, however.

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    Thanks for the update! Also for the great link.

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    Great drink! According to this reference, it should also have 3 drops of orange flower water:

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    In a few days, I'm going to consolidate the other Turf Cocktail into this one - effectively making this the canon version of the drink. Let me know if you want to save the other one - this is correct as per the Harry Johnson and Savoy books.



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    Didn't have punt e mes, so substituted Cocchi Americano on a whim, delicious, a bit sweet, tart, and smoky, can't wait to make this again.

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    Best use for amaretto I've found, and I have a huge bottle (luxardo). I would much prefer a Trinidad sour however. The angostura makes the drink and does a reasonable job of tempering the amaretto, but it's still quite sweet/almond extract tasting. In the future I'd just not buy amaretto...