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  • Shattered Glasser   30 weeks 3 days ago

    I guess if you put the cherry on a stick it will be ok. I took a maraschino cherry, misted the top with Ardbeg, and called it a day.

  • Fort Point   30 weeks 3 days ago

    Erik has confirmed it calls for apricot liqueur, making the drink a sort of Red Hook variant.

  • Shattered Glasser   30 weeks 3 days ago

    Presumably hold a flame under the Laphroaig-soaked cherry. I've never bothered with the flame, just the Scotch. I didn't find this as Carpano-heavy as you did, but I can definitely see how the vanilla could overpower even the bruisers (arrack, agave, allspice) in this drink.

  • The Man Comes Around   30 weeks 3 days ago

    Thank you! I was actually just having a discussion about what constitutes a Bittermens dash with KC's own Stew. Bittermens' Avery Glasser says 6 drops = a dash.

  • California Widow   30 weeks 3 days ago

    Thank you for trying it. I also wish there were elderflower eaux de vie available here; I know some are made and sold in France. (And Mad Men leads me to believe that they were available at some point in the states; at least, doddering eccentric Bert Cooper puts in a request for "spirit of elderflower" that's met with blank stares.) St. Germain actually has a eau de vie base, but I imagine that without the added acidity and sugar of a liqueur, the flavor of elderflower can seem pretty ethereal and subtle.

    If you can get them, I recommend Cocktail Kingdom's wormwood bitters for drying out liqueur-heavy drinks. They give a lovely complementary complexity without adding too much flavor of their own.

  • Shattered Glasser   30 weeks 4 days ago

    This was pretty good, but I used a newly opened bottle of Carpano and I thought it overpowered everything else (which is no easy task).

    How do you flame a cherry though?

  • 1794   30 weeks 4 days ago

    The mole bitters addition came from John Gertsen while at No 9, before Lord Hobo existed.

    I was also pretty sure Venegas made this drink while at Bourbon and Branch, but I'll trust the link on that one.

  • California Widow   30 weeks 4 days ago

    Quite tasty, though quite sweet. Lovely balance of flavors. Dialing back on any of the liqueurs would ruin the balance of flavors, and that makes me wish there was an elderflower eau de vie on the market to keep that balance with a drier cocktail.

  • 1794   30 weeks 4 days ago

    This is a goddamn glorious drink.

  • The Man Comes Around   30 weeks 4 days ago

    Oh my. This was fantastic. I basically bought the Xocolatl bitters because I saw so many raves about this drink. I used Vida and Ferrand Ambre (did not have Spanish brandy or sherry).

    My question is how many Bittermen's drops is a dash? I used the 15-18 suggested on the Kindred Bittermen's page, but that didn't correspond to the 1/4 length of the dropper that the page says.

    Either way, this is great.

  • Mount Vernon   30 weeks 6 days ago

    Delicious. It tastes, unsurprisingly, like brandied cherries. The grapefruit juice adds a slight acidity and lightness.

  • Chocolate Manhattan   31 weeks 2 days ago

    Nice desert cocktail, used Makers Mark bourbon

  • Old Fashioned (Late 20th Century)   31 weeks 2 days ago

    A few years ago we had a group from Wisconsin ask for "Korbel Old-Fashioneds Sour"; I had no idea what they meant but turns out this is exactly what they wanted. First time I had ever heard them called this.

  • Fort Point   31 weeks 3 days ago


    Maybe not - I'd think there would be enough sweetness in the Chinato to balance 2.5 oz of spirit - it's 3:1, assuming it's apricot brandy.


    Maybe we need to name these Fort Point (Boston) and Fort Point (San Francisco)?



  • Fort Point   31 weeks 3 days ago

    Going to assume this one calls for apricot liqueur ala Rothman & Winter or Marie Brizard, rather than true apricot brandy as suggested by the Imbibe link.

  • The Crippled Creek   31 weeks 3 days ago

    Somehow along the way "cucumber" became "celery," I think.
    Terrific drink at the top of my "savory" list. Thanks for posting it.

  • Mise en Abyme   31 weeks 3 days ago

    I made a "garnish with a smaller version of itself" joke inside your "smaller version of itself" joke.

  • Corpse Reviver #2   31 weeks 5 days ago

    Kina L'avion D'or works as well instead of lillet blanc.

  • Wheelwright Cocktail   31 weeks 5 days ago

    Sometimes I see recipes that look exciting on paper but end up muddled or boring in the glass. Not so here. This is a great aperitif that straddles the line between wild and elegant flavors beautifully, with each ingredient playing off every other in turn. Don't skip the orange flower water float/garnish; it does a lot to tie the drink together. Recommended.

  • Gin Basil Smash   32 weeks 8 hours ago

    Christian Dehm at has a nice version that adds 1/2 oz. Aperol and 2oz tonic water.

  • Old Fashioned (Late 20th Century)   32 weeks 14 hours ago

    This is well known in the Midwest as the Wisconsin Old Fashioned except use Korbel Brandy.

  • Summer Hemingway   32 weeks 16 hours ago


  • Bitter Elder   32 weeks 1 day ago

    Here's my take on this drink using the Campari/Aperol combo..

    Lovely rose pink color with a very, very light nose that is gin forward with a touch of fruit sweetness from the Campari and Aperol - I’m somewhat stunned to not smell any of the St. Germaine. Sip is sweet and St. Germaine dominant on the front of the tongue while the midpalate sees the gin and its juniper notes come out immediately followed by the grapefruit-like bitterness from the Campari and Aperol. The back of the tongue and the swallow see that grapefruit profile grow stronger as the tart lemon juice develops. Amidst all these flavors the St. Germaine still darts in and out providing consistent sweet honey and lychee notes. The finish is pretty bitter with the most immediate flavor comparison being grapefruit juice with a hint of juniper and a good deal of elderflower. All in all, the grapefruit juice comparison is the most telling. Let’s say you were serving a customer at a bar and were thinking of something interesting to do for them with St. Germaine, or even trying to guide someone into drinking gin, and you asked them if they liked grapefruit juice, and they said yes, then you would no doubt have great success with this drink, however, if they say they don’t like grapefruit juice, then the chances are they will hate this drink.

  • Wander Back   32 weeks 1 day ago

    Wow. First time I've had the Mezcal and Cynar pairing and I can see why people say it's genius.

  • Colonel Carpano   32 weeks 2 days ago

    Yeah, I don't know why I had to ask. It was awesome with Punt e Mes. Less "chocolatey" than the original, but still outstanding.