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    @Dan any sherry that sells itself as an amontillado should, in theory, be completely dry, though there are definitely some on the market that taste like they have added sugar (which makes them actually cream sherries, I guess). I assume the honey syrup in this recipe is 1:1.

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    Wow. I didn't know about Brass Union, despite being (long) walking distance from me. I'll definitely try it. For this recipe, I suspect that a very dry Amontillado is called for, lest it be too sweet. 

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    Curated slightly to conform to style guidelines. Please capitalize and include garnish in ingredient list. Also, I suggest you remove any brands that aren't essential. For example, I can see that Cherry Heering is important, but wouldn't another cognac, single malt, or sweet vermouth work fine? Thanks for posting?

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    The search function is broken, does not work properly when searching for cocktails with multiple ingredients; finds all cocktails with either ingredient instead of both. Eg: searching for cocktails with gin and vermouth finds cocktails with gin and not vermouth and vice versa.

    Edit: works perfectly again, thanks.

    ADMIN NOTE: Thanks. Fixed now.

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    Interesting, that seems like a useful alteration. Now my "book" can be cocktails I like, rather than all cocktails I've rated plus all I want to try, which is how I now use it. Any chance someday there will be the ability to specify a range of ratings in the search (e.g. "2" finds cocktails that are exactly 2 stars, "3-4" finds those higher than 2 but lower than 5, etc.)? In the meantime I think "(or higher)" needs to be re-added to Your Rating on the search form. 

    ADMIN NOTE: Let's see if others want to search for ranges of stars. My feeling is that the overwhelming use case is "this rating or better". I can see that you might search for, say, 2-3 rated cocktails to improve or remove them though. On the other topic, I've deleted "stars" from curator and your rating, so that the "stars (or more)" applies to both of two ratings next to each other. This saves a bit of space that I don't really have otherwise.

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    If I search my cocktail book with "Suggested" ticked, I get no results, even though I do have cocktails so marked. (If I untick the box I get results, including cocktails that, on their individual pages, correctly indicate that they are Suggested.)

    ADMIN NOTE: Add fixed now. Thanks for reporting this. Note that you can now suggest and/or rate cocktails without having to add them to your cocktail book.

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    Just mixed it with dry apricot brandy, tasted it and thought it couldn't be right, so added 1/2 oz Rothman & Winter Orchard Apricot, which was a big improvement. From my perspective. 

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    Fixed. Thanks!

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    "Detrich." :)

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    Kinda similar to Racketeer. Very nice, complex, dry, slow-drinking cocktail. Mezcal dominates the Bulleit rye that I used.

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    A problem with name changes for cocktails. If I change the name of a cocktail from, say, "Cascabel" to "Diamondback riff (pear)" and create a new, unrelated cocktail named "Cascabel," the link for the new drink will direct to the old drink with the new name, e.g., clicking on the new "Cascabel" will take me to the drink now listed as "Diamondback riff (pear)."

    ADMIN NOTE: The is intentional. As soon as you save a cocktail with a given name, the internet will start saving links to it, both via bookmarks in browser and through the various search engines crawling and indexing Kindred Cocktails. These links should, presumably, refer to the original cocktail. It isn't a great idea to re-use names. I can, however, adjust the "redirects" on a case-by-case basis. Just contact me via the contact page or request curation on the cocktail in question. I took care of Casabel, although it isn't published yet.

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    Brands listed in cocktail recipes no longer link to the brands' ingredient pages. E.g., "elderflower liqueur" still links to its corresponding page, but "St. Germain" doesn't. By design?

    ADMIN NOTE: Actually St. Germain doesn't happen to have an ingredient page (because it hasn't been written yet). But you were correct in general that brand links weren't working. This has been fixed. Additionally, we now link from a specific bottle (e.g. Lairds 7.5) to the brand's page (e.g. Lairds).

    Non-admin note: Thanks!

    ADMIN NOTE: Hmm. St. Germain does have a page. It's working now.

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    Curated slightly to add historic recipe, fix typo, and shorten instructions to Kindred Cocktails style guidelines.

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    I did an absinthe rinse and added orange bitters. Really like it,

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    Thanks for pointing this out. I curated the cocktail to improve the source reference and attribution, and better reflect the original ingredients. I adjusted the lemonn from 1/2 to 3/4 oz, since the recipe calls for a 1/2 lemon. I adjusted the Scotch from Highland Park 12 to the specified Oban 14. Sounds quite good.

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    Well, the original recipe calls for Cocchi Americano instead of Lillet Blanc. I think the swap I'd prefer to make would be to a sweeter malt as this mostly has me thinking "grilled lemons."

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    I agree. I just granted the Bitter Elder a 5 star curator review, which makes it an Editors Choice cocktail.

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    Curated to remove store-bought egg nog and Amaretto brand as there are better options.

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    Sorry, I'm gonna keep touting this's fantastic.  Made it for several friends, progeny and assorted drink enthusiasts...have received nothing but praise for it's restrained, sophisticated yet readily identifiable flavors.  Always use the charred pineapple bitters now, drink's color always gets mentioned.  A real winnah!

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    First sip surprised me, I was expecting an exotic cough syrpu...I'd try it next time without the additional simple syrup.  


    Also, it makes a good base for a shot of gin...I used Sapphire East, re-stirred the whole shootin' match with ice, then put it into my antique up glass.  Less sweet, more booze.

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    couldn't believe one could actually drink a concoction with this much sweet stuff in it.  It's an interesting combination of flavas, but not sure if it could be a regular.  However, I find that Fernet Branca-based cocktails are sort of growing on odd flavor to start with, but quite soothing after a while.

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    Missing the Bing cherry action, but having some similarly processed and canned cherries, I figured I'd give this one a go. I must say, very impressive. Granted I love Pernod, but this is one of the few drinks I have had with it where it seems to take a supporting role. Really good, definitely going to impress some friends with this one.

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    Nice work, chaps.  For the 'Recent comments' list, though, I miss seeing which drink (or other topic) the comment is about.

    ADMIN NOTE: Me too. It's back.

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    Good look! Search appears to be down, though. Cheers and happy holidays, -r.

    ADMIN NOTE: The keyword search in the menu bar seems to be working. It took a while for the new site to re-index all the content, but it is complete now. The cocktail search seems to be working too. Let me know if you still see problems. -- cheers, Dan

    OP FOLLOW-UP: Working now. Thanks!

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    the new look is great! One thing: on the front page now there's only 4 new cocktails listed whereas previously one could press "more" and get an entire list of all the newly submitted drinks - which, if like me one is not online that often due to living in a weird and not that internet-friendly place, was extremely useful if for no other reason than getting immediately inspired. So perhaps you could find a way to re-introduce that feature? 

    ADMIN NOTE: The "more" button has returned to the Recent Cocktails list. :)