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    Seems hard to believe this needs the simple syrup.

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    Curated this - changed "tequila" to "Blanco tequila" as per link. added date attribution and changed type to authentic recipe. Thanks, Zachary

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    Maybe increase the Cognac to 1 1/2 oz? I was trying to make a drink to use my Apry in, and wanted to use Pierre Ferrand 1840 to bolster the apricot notes, not to give the drink much of a brandy character per se. As it is, this is basically a Hoop-La by way of a Self Starter. Your shaken Cognac and Pineau idea sounds intriguing--maybe a Pompadour riff?



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    This is nice, but the Cognac gets a bit lost. I was thinking about subbing 1/2 oz of the Cocchi for Pineau des Charentes, but that may be getting toward a new drink. Thanks, Zachary

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    Not bad but the maraschino dominated some for us and as such the ginger and lemon juice were a little lost. Would probably tweak the ratios a bit. Beautiful color. 

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    Savoy and other sources call for a mix of sweet and dry vermouths in their Fourth Degrees, and in much more vermouth-heavy proportions than these.

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    Curated this. Edited recipe to reflect cited link. Thanks for the catch. Zachary

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    This recipe doesn't match the reference - should be 1/2 oz lime juice, 1/3 oz St Germain, 1/3 oz simple.

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    Good balance.  The homemade coffee liqueur I'm using is quite flavorful, and it tends to overwhelm.  I'd use 1/2 ounce of it at most next time I make the drink.

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    Rather nice, if a touch sweet. I think I might try rye (aromatically drier than bourbon), reducing the 1/2 oz parts to maybe 1/3 oz, an adding 1/3 oz dry vermouth or sherry.

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    Curated this. Removed redundant notes. Moved date in the attribution to the correct box. Thanks, Zachary

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    Cutting the gin to 1.5 oz. and adding 1/2 oz of lime juice balances this drink out and makes it more palatable.

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    This is really quite good. I made a second with a little Cynar in with the vermouth to try and amp up the vegetal side, so if you'd be interested in that, it wotks.

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    Very tasty 

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    What Amaro do you recommend? I would think something not too bitter? Nonino?

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    Hard to believe this could need the simple. It doesn't actually sound bad. Just because Jägermeister is a frat-house staple, doesn't mean that it doesn't have a long history as bitters.

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    Very sweet as written. I added another part of dry vermouth, but even then it was too sweet. I would like to try this again as perhaps 2 oz spirit and a total of 1 oz sweet.

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    Curated from 5 to 0.5 oz syrup, which I assume was the intended amount.

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    My variation:

    1 1/2 oz Rye
    3/4 oz Amaro Nonino
    1/2 oz Amontillado (dry)
    1/2 oz PX
    1 dash Regans'

    Very nice indeed.

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    Related to the song by Elbow?

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    I didn't think too much of it, I didn't find the chipotle particularly pleasing with the sweetness of the Licor 43—2 stars. I like the Margarilla much better, a very similar drink but with much less Licor 43 that let's the tequila make itself felt.

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    Pretty nice together, didn't blow me away, but a solid 3 star drink. I may have liked it a bit tarter, but I'd fade that way usually anyway.

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    Diabolique was used because we have a cordials license at Estragon and that was the only bourbon we could serve. Try it with rye as well if you want it a little more spice-forward. 

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    Tossolini Amaro, much more bitter orange and less herbal, easy mixing, imported by Niche Import Co.

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    If you can find it, try Unicum Plum. Delicious.