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    Curated this: removed history to avoid copyright. As a note, we typically frown on X Martinis and they usually stay unpublished. But given the creator of the drink and the efforts underway at the time to simplify and innovate the lackluster cocktail scene, I feel it's an important part of pre-Renaissance cocktail history. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Very nice, very, smooth, and very delicious. The ingredients blend together so well that it's difficult to discern the rye whiskey or cognac. I suspect that drinkers who are not fond of rye whiskey will find this drink to their lliking. I rated this 4.5, and good to the last drop!

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    Strong on the cinnamon from the Becherovka. Use bitters that are without cinnamon. Made with apricot because peach tends toward Jolly Rancher. Fits the name very well.

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    Too sweet for my tastes, but the flavors are nice. Next time I'll probably omit the Aperol in favor of several dashes of bitters.

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    Very nice. I topped with Founders Curmudgeon ale, which gave this a bit of a molasses background that played well with the other ingredients.

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    Renamed from "Mayahuel's All Jacked Up" as per user Craig E, citing Mayahuel's on-line menu.

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    Quite good, but I might reduce the sweet Vermouth to .75oz next time. 

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    <br />A very tasty cocktail; sweet but not too sweet and slightly tart. All of the flavors blend together to make a cocktail that can easily become one's favorite. I did not include a dash of Luxardo Maraschino as suggested in a prior comment. I may be wrong, but I don't believe it can improve what is already a great drink. My fear is that the Luxardo might overwhelm the balance of flavors. But, keeping an open mind, I will try it. Who knows--maybe it can be fixed even though it's not broken!

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    Kinda tastes like fancy-ass Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Which is a good thing.

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    Interesting drink.  It's old fashioned for the first half second, then the habanero kicks in and lingers.  I love habanero flavor, but it takes some getting used to in drink form.  First time I've had one that tasted like this.  Definitely worth trying.

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    This evening I actually tried mango puree instead of guava juice after seeing your question about subs for guava juice. I have been using Smith and Cross for the rum (as the boozenerds used for the final recipe) and I thought the mango did not tame the navy-strength rum as well as the guava juice. Maybe if I was using a lower proof rum it would have been more to my liking. 

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    Thanks to a user tip, curated this - changed MB Apry to MB white Creme de Cacao as per the Death and Co. book. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Used Sheep Dip Islay in place of Peat Monster. 5 star.

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    Absinthe can be used as rinse - in Sazerac fashion.

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    Curated this. Removed picture to avoid copyright. Moved foam recipe to the notes, clarified instructions. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Curated this: Removed picture to avoid copyright issues. Removed foam recipe to the notes section, moved creator and source citation to their proper locations. Added date. Thanks,  Zachary

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    Subbed with Carpano Antica. Wow, what a drink!!

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    Used Cocchi Americano for the sweet vermouth. The resulting cocktail was light, but tasty due to the Americano.

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    Curated from Pear liqueur (which would be sweetened) to Pear eau de vie, which is unaged clear distilled unsweetened fermented pear juice. That's what is pictured in the photo. Unfortunately, pear "brandy" is ambiguous these days because it is often used to describe pear liqueur -- and usually of awful quality. It's best to avoid the confusion and not call it brandy.

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    Curated this: Corrected creator information, source citation and year. Thanks,  Zachary

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