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  • Greenpoint   6 days 15 hours ago

    I don't have Yellow Chartreuse so I made it with Green. Does that make it an Extra Greenpoint? Also subbed VYA sweet for the Punt e Mes which strangely unavailable in PA. Anyway, I'm enjoying the heck out of this.

  • Gotham Nights   6 days 23 hours ago

    Yeah, I'm gonna update the recipe. I think I meant for it to be 1/2 oz coffee & 1/4 oz walnut, instead of the other way around. I use Nocello in this too, and you're right: it's VERY sweet & powerful... Also, I use Luxardo Espresso Liqueur which is more "coffee-y" and less sweet than some others, helping punch through that wall of walnut.

    Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  • The Coal Miner   6 days 23 hours ago

    excellent drink. I added 1/2 ounces of Fresh grapefruit juice but excellent.

  • Cocktail à la Louisiane   1 week 19 hours ago

    A favorite. I use a Herbsaint rinse and Punt e Mes vermouth.

  • Gotham Nights   1 week 1 day ago

    I find that walnut liqueurs can be overpowering, to the point where you loose all other flavors. So, I reduced this to 1/4 oz. I love it! Not overly sweet, and actually the first walnut drink I will make again! Oh, and I used Nocello. Perhaps Nocello is a sweeter walnut liqueur.

  • Au Diable   1 week 2 days ago

    Au diable! I knew I misremembered. Thanks Frog. I meant "a la," a phrase I think I got from Nabokov, but now I like au better.

  • Au Diable   1 week 2 days ago

    Rafa - Depending on what you mean, it's going to be either "à la diable" (in haste) or "au diable" (to hell with).

  • Norman Conquest   1 week 3 days ago

    So it's like a Vieux Carre for the North Atlantic (smoky/peaty more than spicy). Lovely. I used Lagavulin 16, because it's what I had, + Peychaud's. The Drambuie would replace the Benedictine so sounds intriguing, but I don't have any on hand.

  • Karmic Sutures   1 week 5 days ago

    I love this drink. The more sublime the tequila the better.

  • Coasta de Morte   1 week 6 days ago

    Thanks for the Cocchi suggestions - was out of Lillet and Cocchi and used Campari instead. Used Kilchoman Islay whiskey and drink was awesome - nice and smokey with great complexity!

  • Bitter Elder   2 weeks 1 day ago

    12-04-2014...tried a further experiment, adding 3 drops of Brooklyn Hemispherical's Spicy Charred Pineapple bitters...Good Choice, accentuated the grapefruit notes even further.

    Another batch, using Peychaud's, wasn't as successful, yielding a drink that lost the grapefruit and turned into more of a medicinal concoction.

  • Brave Bootlegger   3 weeks 3 days ago

    4 out 5. Interesting favors, considering I subbed out Crater rye for the Rittenhouse as I'd just finished off the last of the orphan bottle we had. Also needed to eyeball some Zaya 12year and a little Creme de cacao and I doubt Mozart anything will be available in Hawaii anytime soon. (somehow we survive)

  • Corpse Reviver #2   3 weeks 3 days ago

    This is my in-laws' favorite cocktail. I made it for them once and they loved it so much that they bought all the ingredients and my father-in-law now has a card with the recipe printed on it so he can get it made at any bar they go to.

    Lesson: make this for people who don't drink a lot of cocktails.

  • Georgita   3 weeks 5 days ago

    Made this last night with Rothman's apricot liqueur. Can't compare it to the peach liqueur version as don't have on hand, but the apricot version was tasty.

  • Frontier Psychiatrist   3 weeks 6 days ago

    Perhaps this should be served in a coconut, no?

  • Bitter Elder   4 weeks 15 hours ago

    Oh, fellas and ladies...this is one hellllllllllluvvva drink! Did it with Bombay, half Aperol half Campari. Awesome color, fantastic flava!

    We have a restaurant here in Chicago called Parsons, they specialize in fried chicken and fish, and feature a totally fantastic Frozen Negroni. I'ma ask them if they'd consider putting a batch of these through their frosty machine! It'd be perfect.

  • Frontier Psychiatrist   4 weeks 20 hours ago

    You're a nut! You're crazy in the coconut!

  • Frontier Psychiatrist   4 weeks 20 hours ago

    This boy needs therapy.

  • Tombstone   4 weeks 4 days ago

    Another good one, Rafa. Ilegal is about the best mezcal I can get here. It's not bad by any means, but I bet the drink is spectacular with a really good one.

  • Paper Mill   4 weeks 5 days ago

    Moderated this slightly - specified Cynar as the Amaro, specified brand of lemon bitters.



  • Tombstone   4 weeks 6 days ago

    Nice! This has all my favorite things. I didn't have a Laphroaig like Scotch. Used Aberlour A'Bunadh which is all carmel, no smoke, but that tasted really good too.

  • Campari Swizzle   5 weeks 17 hours ago

    I sub'd Punt e Mes 3:1 with (rather oxidized) red wine for the chinato to good effect. Sensational cocktail.

  • Trick Dog's Scorpio   5 weeks 17 hours ago

    Updated with proper recipe.

  • Shattered Glasser   5 weeks 2 days ago

    Name updated from "Airbag" to how it appears in the Death & Co book, a nod to Avery Glasser, who inspired the drink.

  • Remember the Maine, or McKinley's Delight   5 weeks 4 days ago

    What if you're in the southern hemisphere?