Ye Olde Quencher

Native rum and plain shrub with seltz over ice, most refreshing in hot weather.
2ozRum, Ragged Mountain (Any pot still rum is fine, American even better.)
1ozPlain shrub (Homemade, any fruit shrub good too.)
2dsBitters, Bittermens Burlesque (Any fruit or spice based bitters would do.)
1splSeltzer water
Pour ingredients over ice in highball, top with seltzer, stir lightly.
While putting up a batch of cherry shrub, I had some extra shrub base (1 cup demarara sugar, 1 cup rice vinegar, 1 cup cider vinegar) and I was thirsty. American pot still rum and shrub seem to have an affinity, and the effect is tart and utterly refreshing. This seems like a modern version of a Colonial thirst quencher, hence the sappy name. Try with fruit shrubs and different bitters.
Combined and gulped thirstily à la minute on a hot day in June, 2011.
Cocktail summary
Created & posted byRob Marais on 06/18/2011
Rob Marais, Boston MA
AuthenticityOriginal creation

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