Wisconsin Old Fashioned

The Midwest take on a classic.
2   Maraschino cherry (muddled)
1 twst Orange peel (muddled)
1 cube Sugar (muddled)
3 ds Bitters
2 ds Orange bitters
2 oz Soda water
2 oz Brandy, Korbel
Serve in a Old Fashioned glass with cubed ice and cheer "On Wisconsin"
This is the staple in Wisconsin and for good reason as more brandy is drank here than anywhere in the US.
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Being a Wisconsinite myself,

Being a Wisconsinite myself, I'm positive this drink is never referred to as a "Wisconsin Old Fashioned" in or out of the state; I'm assuming you're looking for the out-of-state description, which would be a "Brandy Old Fashioned" or a "Brandy Old Fashioned-Sweet/Sour" with the appropriate mixer