Winter Solace

Warm, smooth and easy cocktail for sharing with holiday dinner guests!
1ozArrack, White Lion VSOA
12ozAmaretto, Disaronno
6ozEgg Nog, Southern Comfort Egg Nog (Vanilla Spice flavor preferred)
Mix all and warm (careful not to overheat). Top with whip cream and sprinkle ground nutmeg and ground clove.
Pour into mug for a single serving or individual espresso cups as a small dessert beverage
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Created & posted byArrack on 10/24/2013
White Lion VSOA
AuthenticityOriginal creation
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Winter Solace - Warm egg nog, arrack, amaretto, brandy
Winter Solace - Warm egg nog, arrack, amaretto, brandy


Frankly I think this would be better with home made boiled custard instead of store bought eggnog. YMMV.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will look into that!

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