Volstead (revised)

Rye, Swedish Punsch, Pastis, Orange juice, Grenadine
1 12ozRye
12ozSwedish Punsch
34ozOrange juice
1dsPastis, Herbsaint
Shake over ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass
.75 oz swedish punch .75 oz rye .5 oz orange juice .5 oz grenadine .25 oz pastis
Cocktail summary
Created byThis is Jamie Boudreau's version of a drink invented at Harry's New York Bar, Paris, in honor of Mr. Andrew J. Volstead.
ReferenceOriginal in Harry McElhone's "Barflies and Cocktails"
Posted byDanLong_LA on 11/20/2010


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Minor edit: Herbsaint is a type of Pastis, rather than Anisette. Thanks for the contribution.

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