Trilby Cocktail #2

1 oz Scotch, Glenmorangie (Quinta Ruban)
34 oz Sweet vermouth, Dolin
34 oz Parfait Amour
3 ds Absinthe
2 ds Orange bitters, Angostura orange
1   Orange peel
Stir, up, orange twist garnish
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  • Substituted Crème Yvette. Very odd. — ☆☆
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What Parfait Amour do you

What Parfait Amour do you use? I've found that whenever I try to use my Marie Brizzard, it simply ruins everything it touches. Should I solder bravely on and try this? I haven't tried Creme de Yvette, but maybe that would work?

I also moderated the 3 oz of absinthe to the intended 3 dashes. 3 oz would be quite a drink ;)

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Dan, Thanks for the edit on


Thanks for the edit on the absinthe ;) I'm not sure which brand of Parfait Amour they used at Teardrop, but there can't be that many available in the market. This had that weird 40's era balance (remember the Bengal?), but was complex and interesting.