Treble Green

Sparkling white wine, Vodka, Orange liqueur, Lime juice, Apple puree, Maraschino Liqueur Cherry Liquor, Cucumber syrup, Cucumber
23ozLime juice (Freshly squeezed)
23ozApple puree (Home made with fresh apples and lemon juice)
23ozVodka (dry apple, cinnamon and allspice flavored)
2tMaraschino Liqueur Cherry Liquor, Luxardo
2tOrange liqueur, Solerno blood orange liqueur
2tCucumber syrup
3ozSparkling white wine (We made with Trento Doc, italian champagne from Trentino, the northest italian country)
4sliCucumber (Thin and round slices)
Shake and strain, tumbler with rocks, fill with italian dry champagne, garnish with some cucumber slices
You can replace Trento doc with your favourite sparkling wine
Treble Green: 'triple green', but also 'high green'. Treble in fact comes from the Latin "Triplum", which in medieval polyphonic music pointed to the third item, the one that covered the higher notes. Three greens are green apple, cucumber, lime.
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WuBi on 05/30/2014
Myself, Walter Bonaventura, Loco's Bar, Rovereto, Italy
AuthenticityOriginal creation
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Treble Green
Treble Green

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