The Undertaker

Bourbon, Orange liqueur, Cynar, Grapefruit juice
1 12ozBourbon (original called for Fighting Cock, but any spicy bourbon will do)
12ozGrand Marnier
12ozGrapefruit juice (pink is fine, but ruby red is excellent)
Shake with ice, strain, and serve up with an orange twist.
This cocktail was created for the 2009 Grand Marnier & Navan Mixology Summit in Vail, Colorado.
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Created byMisty Kalkofen, Drink, Boston, Massachussetts
AuthenticityAuthentic recipe
ReferenceFrom the now-defunct 'GM Cocktails' iPhone app.
Posted byTexasCocktailGeek on 05/04/2011
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The Undertaker

From other users

Small. Made with dry curacao and ruby red juice. Terrific on the nose, but unremarkable taste. (3 stars)
Very orange-forward, as you might expect. Sort of a not-very-sour whiskey sour. (4 stars)
This has become one of my favorite cocktails of all time - it's pleasantly bitter, not too sweet, and has a nice lift from the grapefruit. I have yet to try it with rye, but I imagine it would be very nice. (5 stars)

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