The Redhead

The Other Woman- highbrow Cosmopolitan
2ozOrange vodka, Hangar One Mandarin Blossom
1ozOrange liqueur, Solerno blood orange liqueur
1ozCranberry juice (Pure cranberry - not "cocktail")
1splLime Foam (See note.)
First: Prepare Lime Foam. Then: shake all but lime foam with ice, strain into a cocktail glass. Top liberally with lime foam.
To make lime foam: blend 3 oz lime juice, 1 oz of agave (or honey) syrup, 0.2g of lecithin and 0.3g of xanthan gum. Put this in a whipper, charge, shake & dispense on top of the cocktail.
Cocktail summary
Created & posted byPierster on 04/22/2014
The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach
AuthenticityOriginal creation
ReferenceBreakers Cocktail Menu

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