The Grasshopper Lies Heavy

Fernet Branca, Egg white, Herbal liqueur, Soda water, Simple syrup, Cocoa powder
Shake all but the soda over ice. (The original recipe doesn't call for a dry shake first, just enthusiasm.) Strain into a short collins over ice. Add soda water and more cocoa powder for garnish.
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Created byChris Kiel, 1022 South, Tacoma, WA
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Posted bymdavis7 on 07/17/2011


Dan's picture

Really a dessert drink. Too sweet as written for before dinner. I don't know how much 3 dashes of cocoa powder is, so I used 1/2 tsp. The drink has an interesting balance between the herbal, bitter, mint/menthol, and chocolate.

AmyJ's picture

Made it without the soda. A lovely Friday nightcap! Nice treat, thanks

christina in tacoma's picture

This is Chris Kiel's cocktail, in case anyone wants to update the reference. He has not made me a cocktail that I haven't loved...

Dan's picture

Thanks for the attribution info. Updated. Also tweaked the ingredients to correspond to the instructions.

mahastew's picture

I was afraid this would be a horrific experience that might forever repel me from two of my best loves, fernet and Chartreuse. To the contrary, it was an astonishing delight! Not one of the greatest cocktails I've ever had, but definitely "damn tasty." I dare say the cocoa-fernet-Chartreuse combination is ingenious, and the egg white gives it great body. Thanks for posting!

From other users

Really nice, but omit soda. Try with Berchrovka groves instead of Chartreus (5 stars)

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