The French Connection

Tequila, Applejack, Mezcal, Bitters, Herbal liqueur
Stir with ice. Strain into chilled rock glass over large cube of ice.
Any smokey Mezcal will work. Herradura reposado.
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Sandy De Almeida on 11/11/2011
Sandy De Almeida, Gladstone hotel, Toronto
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Just as fair warning -- tobacco is incredibly dangerous to use in an alcohol extraction, especially without being able to tell how much nicotine you're extracting, and the LD 50 for nicotine is very low. Giving tobacco infused alcohol to non-smokers can cause all sorts of problems, as people unaccustomed to nicotine can react very badly to the stuff.

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You're absolutely right, zach. You need proper guidance when experimenting with tobacco infusions. Snake oil makes a great tobacco bitters that is approved as food grade. Also extracting the flavor by actually distilling your own spirit is safe. Here is a great article I read that you might appreciate:

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Sandy, I've heard of that, but don't have access to it. I really want to try the Ted Breaux "Perique", which again.... heard of, don't know if it exists. 

The article about tobacco references that AoD article, which is a great summation of the what people know about tobacco infusions. 



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